Golf is Changing, According to Steve Malbon

Steve Malbon sees that golf is changing.

Malbon Golf

Steve Malbon has seen this all before. 

As the head of Malbon Golf, one of the more forward-thinking golf apparel companies, Malbon has a keen eye on the landscape of the growing sport. But perhaps more interestingly, he is taking notice of the shifting tone of golf.

Dude, this is just like skiers and snowboarders in the 80’s and 90’s. There is no difference between now and then.

- Steve Malbon

Malbon suspects that is happening with golf. Over the last two decades, the tone of golf has changed. Yes, a good portion of golf is still dedicated to the upper-class country club members (skiers). There is an expectation of rules to be enforced amongst this demographic of golfers. They frown upon the usage of speakers on the golf course.

That is all changing. Just as it did with skiers and snowboarders.

Skiiers wanted their culture to stay the same. Snowboarders had other ideas, and now three decades later, you see the blend of both of them in snow mountain culture.

And when Covid hit, the change in culture BOOMED.

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