Our Guide to the Hottest Streetball Events of Summer 2019

These 7 leagues will keep you entertained until the NBA comes back

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As another epic NBA season winds down, it’s time to look ahead to some summertime action. Basketball is a year-round sport, and it’s time for ballers to get ready to do battle in some of the most legendary streetball leagues across the country. The summer is where legacies are born.

Looking to scratch that basketball itch while the NBA takes some well deserved time off? ONE37pm has you covered. We are ready to put on our headbands and lace up our Nike Adapts and give you all the info you need about where to check out streetball this summer.

Entertainers 155 Rucker Park Summer Classic

When: All summer long

Where: Harlem, NYC (W. 155th and 8th Ave)

Past Participants: Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar), Wilt Chamberlain, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Connie Hawkins, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Chris Mullin, Jamal Mashburn, Lance Stephenson, Stephon Marbury, Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Kevin Durant, Pee Wee Kirkland

Reasons to Check It Out: You never know what will happen when you make a visit to this legendary court. The summer is the perfect opportunity to check out why Rucker Park is still regarded as one of the must-visit hoops sanctuaries. Live music, random fan interactions and dance contests are why EBC is a party atmosphere. Just ask KD as he was greeted by a plethora of fans when he suited up at Rucker in 2011 and dropped 66 points during a playoff game, a performance now considered as one of the greatest ever at the court.

Kenny Graham’s West 4th Street (The Cage) Pro-Am Classic

When: May 28-mid August

Where: Greenwich Village, NYC

Past Participants: Julius ‘Dr. J” Erving, Walter Berry, Anthony Mason, Smush Parker

Reasons to Check It Out: The Greenwich Village court best known as “The Cage” brings the toughness out of any hooper who is willing to make a name for themselves. If you’re planning to play there or just willing to stop by and watch some basketball on a casual Saturday, be prepared to witness battles taking place as many ballers are willing to leave it all on the court.

Dyckman Basketball League

When: June and July

Where: Inwood, NYC

Past Participants: Kyle Anderson, Montrezel Harrell, Lance Stephenson, Trey Burke, Jesse Jones (FILAYY), Terry Rozier, Sundiata Gaines, Mike Beasley, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Baron Davis, Kemba Walker, Brandon Jennings, JR Smith, Ron Artest, Iman Shumpert, DeMar DeRozan

Reasons to Check It Out: With Mr. Cha Ching on the mic, this explosive, gritty streetball league has blossomed to become the premier tournament to hoop in for the past five summers in New York City. Local NYC rap station Hot 97 spins on the ones and twos and with their help, Dyckman Basketball League has developed a rich tradition of being the place where NBA talents test their game against streetball legends who never got a fair chance of making it into the league. Seen in video games like NBA Live and also in SLAM Magazine, Dyckman currently holds the top spot for the hottest streetball league to visit whenever you’re in NYC.

The Drew League

When: July through August

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Past Participants: Paul Pierce, Demar Derozen, Nick Young, James Harden, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, The Game, Baron Davis, JaVale McGee, Pau George, J.R. Smith, John Wall, Metta World Peace

Reasons to Check It Out: If EBC is considered the Notorious B.I.G. of streetball, then the Drew League is the Tupac. It brings that raw, California swagger to the game. Reigning MVP Frank “Nitty” Sessions is the name you must remember as the streetball legend is a player no one wants to face off against, and that includes current NBA players.

The George Goodman League

When: May 30th-August

Where: South East Washington, DC

Past Participants: Kevin Durant, Mike Beasley, Brandon Jennings, Ty Lawson, Chris Brown, Bradley Beal, DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans

Reasons to Check It Out: The Goodman League is the birthplace of some of the game’s best scorers like Kevin Durant, Mike Beasley and Ty Lawson. Played under the hot summer sun in the South East section of DC, this league puts the DMV hoops (Delaware, Maryland & Virginia) on the map. Toughness, grit and hard-nosed can describe the runs there as the league brings a competitive vibe. Streetball legend “Crimestopper” Aquille Carr is prone to live out his nickname that he garnered in high school and put on a show against any challenger, professional or otherwise.

The Crawsover Pro-Am League

When: July 7- August 26

Where: Seattle Pacific University

Past Participants: Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Blake Griffin, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Chris Paul, Michael Porter Jr, Zach LaVine

Reasons to Check It Out: No league flies under the radar like Seattle’s The Crawsover. Founder—and current NBA player—Jamal Crawford continues to dazzle his hometown crowd. While breaking ankles and handing out eye-popping assists, Crawford is attracting ballers from all over to come through and show love to the fans and competition. Paul Georgie and Zach LaVine have also shown up and put on well-received spectacles.

Miami Pro-AM Basketball League

When: July 7-August

Where: Miami Senior HS

Past Participants: Victor Oladipo, Tyreke Evans, Mario Chalmers, Tim Hardaway Jr, Hassan Whiteside, James Johnson, Brandon Knight, Russ Smith

Reasons to Check It Out: If you’re looking for a league that’s non-stop action and full of highlight-reel dunks, then the Miami Pro League is basically a Sportscenter “Top 10” video. The league has the city buzzing thanks to the energy and superstars that have participated in the tournament. Brandon Knight, Tim Hardaway Jr, Hassan Whiteside, James Johnson and A'mare Stoudemire are just a few names that have shown up to play in front of packed crowds.

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