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Take a Cue from #GymTok and Level Up Your Workout with BODYARMOR EDGE 

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The fall season is fully upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to bulk up and make some gains while it’s cold outside. At the same time, those outside excursions to the gym and back get a whole lot harder to maintain (thanks, below-zero wind chill).

So we took notice when athletes all over TikTok started sharing the secret-weapon drink for fueling their most intense workouts: BODYARMOR EDGE. Full of hydration with a boost of caffeine, this trending beverage helps getting to the gym (and staying there) a whole lot easier.

Some of the most popular, and fittest, creators on GymTok even tapped BODYARMOR's own "Beast Mode" anthem, courtesy of beatmaker Spencer X, to show off how they fuel up with EDGE.

Gage Ferguson, better known on TikTok as Dimes, is a former collegiate quarterback who makes skits featuring insider info for aspiring QBs.

Case in point: After fueling up on some BODYARMOR EDGE, Dimes drops three tips on how to become a more accurate passer: deliberate practice, consistent form and balance, and repetition—all of which get a boost thanks to his drink of choice.

Kayaune Ross is a former University of Kentucky wide receiver turned social media phenom. Ross has built a following of nearly 100K subscribers on YouTube—all based around football content.

Check it out as he takes to the field for a workout: It's seriously incredible to see Ross tip-toe the sideline and make dazzling one-handed catches.

DeAndre Thomas is a bodybuilder and fitness trainer. As a former collegiate athlete who played football and ran track, he now focuses solely on maintaining his dream physique while helping others attain their own.

Before an active lifting session, DeAndre Thomas made sure to reveal his pre-workout routine: "BODYARMOR EDGE is a necessity when training intensely!"

Marcus Rios is a former UCLA cornerback who played in the NFL with the Denver Broncos and CFL with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. His content focuses a lot around how to increase your maximum speed while running, hitting us with the question: "Have you ever had a day you woke up and decided to go complete beast mode?" Obviously.

Ready to share how you get an edge on your own workout? Try some of these athletes' fitness tips and be sure to take your training to the next level by fueling up on BODYARMOR EDGE.