The 10 Best FIFA Songs of All Time

The insanely popular video game franchise has always been a musical tastemaker

EA Sports/FIFA 19

Prepare yourself for the biggest nostalgia trip of your life. EA Sports' FIFA franchise is not only one of the most influential video game franchises of all time, but it is also known for having an exciting and vibrant soundtrack consisting of both popular and underground tracks.  

While the gameplay is genuinely engaging, the songs we hear throughout the main menu and loading screens aren’t just there for fillers—they’re sounds that stay locked in our memory.

10. John Newman—"Tiring Game" (feat. Charlie Wilson) [FIFA 2016]

The name speaks for itself. "Tiring Game" is an uplifting soulful pop song to help get you over those tough hurdles, like beating the friend who never loses or trying to win against those “unbeatable” Ultimate Teams.

9. Rock Mafia—"Fly or Die" [FIFA 2013]

What I love about this track is its unique construction. But even with its conventional sound, it still feels like a FIFA song. It just makes you want to start playing the game instantly.

8. FMLY BAND—"Come Alive" [FIFA 2015]

What instantly makes me love this song is not the fact that it’s so catchy, but how this band was a complete unknown before their inclusion on 2015's soundtrack. They went from throwing gigs in their garage in Isla Vista (UCSB) to having a song beamed out to millions overnight.

7. Two Door Cinema Club—"I Can Talk" FIFA 2011

"I Can Talk" is an upbeat indie alternative track that certainly gets you going. It’s impossible not to tap your feet while you’re adjusting your lineup. Certainly a timeless track that was a gateway to helping TDCC gain more exposure and blossom into a popular respected band.  

6. Bloc Party—"Helicopter" FIFA 2006

This song was included in the FIFA 06 soundtrack and immediately when I hear it, I think of Henry in an Arsenal home kit wearing the black gloves. It’s the oldest song on the list and gives you the throwback Premier League vibes.

5. Foster the People—"Call it What You Want" FIFA 12

Foster the People are known to put out some catchy tunes and this track does just that. This is one you could listen to on repeat.

4. Youngblood Hawke—"We Come Running" [FIFA 2013]

Probably the most sonically uplifting track off this list, it's impossible to not have a smile on your face when this song is on. A FIFA classic.

3. Smallpools—"Dreaming" [FIFA 2014]

You’ve just lost connection to your opponent in online mode, but you don’t care because this song just came on and all your stress evaporates. Again, another euphoric, feel-good track that just screams FIFA

2. Avicii—"The Nights" [FIFA 2015]

RIP Avicii. It was terrible to hear the news of the passing of Avicii. I can say with confidence that no matter what mood you were in, when this song came on you were paying attention.

1. MGMT—"Kids" [FIFA 2009]

This article is personal and subjective but to me, when someone asks about the FIFA Soundtrack, this is the first track that immediately comes to mind. The pull of nostalgia here is unavoidable. Playing with Ronaldinho in the arena while this track is playing feels like home.

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