Here Are the Best Moments From the Week in Sports

Board man *got* paid, Rafa rules, WWE overseas and more

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The WWC starts tomorrow. The NBA Finals is ongoing, and the Raptors should be up 3-0 but 2-1 is plenty intriguing for drama purposes. French Open, going. Baseball season, going. Stanley Cup Final, going. These moments are piling up!

Here are the best sports moments of the week, according to the ONE37pm staff, for this week. Stay hydrated out there.

Board Man, Paid

This week, The Athletic reporter (and fellow Jayhawk) Jayson Jenks published a comprehensive oral history of Kawhi Leonard's high school and college years, something that's absolutely worth reading as Jenks reveals important context about the career of the NBA's hardest-to-read superstar. A phrase from that piece, though, went viral: "Board man get paid." 

The reporter Robert Littal attempted to get Kawhi to unpack that statement, which Kawhi artfully turned into a cliche about working hard and dreaming off the big time. Some personal philosophies transcend explanation. —Corban Goble

The Dream Match, Deferred?

This weekend, the wrestling world will get to experience a monumental night from the WWE as they host Super Showdown in Jeddah, South Arabia. Another stacked card is already in place as we get to see who would walk out winner of the 50 man battle royal (it's your time to shine, Elias). Kofi Kingston gets to defend his WWE title against Dolph Ziggler.

But the real match everyone has been buzzing about is the main event between Goldberg and Undertaker. 20 years in the making, and it's finally happening. The Deadman faces off against The Myth. A combined 10 world titles have been won by these two wrestling immortals. True fans are wondering if this matchup will build up to the hype it once had during the late '90s and early 2000s. Are we going to get a cringe-worthy, awkward and despicable showing of the greats obviously on their last leg in the spotlight? Or, will they get to witness these two icons living up the hype to deliver a classic match for the ages? Only time will tell as the face-off they just had on Smackdown Live! is an indicator that we should get our popcorn prepared. 

In the words of good ole JR....this has the chance to be a "SLOBBER KNOCKER!"—Omari White

Paul Pierce Comes Clean

The truth, it turns out, was out there.—BAH

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