Top 20 International Goalscorers in Football History

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Suiting up at the international level is the ultimate goal for players aiming to solidify their legacies for their respective countries, and with Cristiano Ronaldo on the precipice of becoming the all-time leader in goals it’s fitting that we take a look at some of the other greats.

While Lionel Messi has a ways to go to work himself into the mix for the top five in this category, Messi’s international career was recently validated with Argentina’s first Copa America title during their captain’s tenure with the Albiceleste.

The beauty of football though is the great unknowns, particularly those that come from nations that fans wouldn’t normally follow.

The current all-time leader in goals is Ali Daei, whose career with Iran was revered by many because of the country’s limited success on the international stage.

Meanwhile, players like Hungary’s Sándor Kocsis boasted an incredible career of his own, and in fact, is the only player in the top 20 all-time that averaged over a goal per game during his career with the European nation.

Below, we take a closer look at the 20 best international goal scorers in the history of football.

20. Robert Lewandowski

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69 goals

122 appearances

19. Stern John - Trinidad & Tobago

70 goals

115 appearances

18. Piyapong Pue-on - Thailand

70 goals

100 appearances

17. Miroslav Klose - Germany

71 goals

137 appearances

16. Kiatisuk Senamuang - Thailand

71 goals

134 appearances

15. Kinnah Phiri

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71 goals

117 appearances

14. Majed Abdullah - Saudi Arabia

72 goals

117 appearances

13. Sunil Chhetri - India

74 goals

118 appearances

12. Bashar Abdullah - Kuwait

75 goals

134 appearances

11. Kunishige Kamamoto - Japan

75 goals

76 appearances

10. Sándor Kocsis

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75 goals

68 appearances

9. Lionel Messi - Argentina

76 goals

151 appearances

8. Ali Mabkhout - United Arab Emirates

76 goals

92 appearances

7. Pele - Brazil

77 goals

92 appearances

6. Hussein Saeed - Iraq

78 goals

137 appearances

5. Godfrey Chitalu - Zambia

79 goals

111 appearances

4. Ferenc Puskás

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84 goals

85 appearances

3. Mokhtar Dahari - Malaysia

89 goals

142 appearances

2. Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal

109 goals

179 appearances

1. Ali Daei - Iran

109 goals

149 appearances

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