Urijah Faber Tells Untold Stories and Talks Early MMA Days On 'In The Fight'

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On this episode of In The Fight, I had the incredible pleasure of speaking with the one and only, Urijah Faber.

Faber is a UFC Hall of Famer. He is a WEC champion. He is a pioneer and UNDENIABLE legend in the world of MMA.

Getting to chat with the man himself was a thrill.

The California Kid and I talked a lot about his early days in the WEC. As a San Diego native, I had to ask him about his fight against Jens Pulver at the San Diego Sports Arena. Faber gave me some incredible stories about the fight, the post-fight celebration, and even mentioned one of his good friends ending up in Mexico. Trust me, you will want to hear this one.

And if for any freaking reason, that isn't enough, Faber tells an all-time great story about Carlos Condit, who retired last week. Although I am unsure if I am able to write out the details of the story, I beg you to go listen to it. It is f**king hilarious.

But perhaps the juiciest part of the interview comes when I asked Faber about what he is looking for in a return fight. Yes, he is retired. But he hasn't ruled out the possibility of another scrap. Faber gives some spicy details about who peeks his interests.

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