Ranking the Best USA Men's Basketball Teams

We'll focus on 1992—when they first allowed pros—through 2021.

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Every four years the United States Olympic Committee puts together a roster of American demi-gods that for the most part takes care of competition easily. The international stage is catching up with the talent of the American team however and it's glaring when looking at the 2020 team’s record already in these Olympic games. With some of the biggest names opting out of the Olympics like Lebron James, Steph Curry, and Anthony Davis it’s time to see how this team stacks up against other teams since the Olympics allowed NBA players to represent Team USA in 1992. Here are the rankings of every USA basketball team since 1992. 

8.) 2004 Athens Games

7. 2020 Tokyo Games

6. 2016 Rio Games

5. 2000 Sydney Games

4. 1996 Atlanta Games

3. 2012 London Games

2. 2008 Beijing Games

1. 1992 Barcelona Games

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