What is The USA Pickleball Association?

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Pickleball's explosive growth has created significant demand for the sport both at the amateur and competitive levels.

For that reason, there are several major organizations in place to oversee rules, the sport's growth and fundamental development.

The USA Pickleball Association is one of those bodies employed to look after players across the United States.

ONE37pm takes a closer look at the USAPA and what the organization looks to achieve.

What is USA Pickleball?

Per the organization's website, USA Pickleball is designed to "promote the development and growth of pickleball in the United States and its territories."

The organization is in charge of hosting many tournaments across the nation, as well as providing rankings to players.

They help integrate new players into the sport of all ages, as well as cater to the needs of the existing pickleballers.

What Does A Membership Get Me?

USAPA members receive lots of benefits, including the ability to enter hundreds of tournaments each year.

Players of all ages, genders and skill levels can compete in competitions both locally and across the U.S.

Players can also find discounts on merchandise like paddles, pickleball apparel and nets.

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The organization also has existing relationships with partners like Franklin that help provide great access to the sport.


USAPA offers players the chance to find local courts and players to compete against.

Places2Play is a locator that finds players and allows them to create profiles that can display their age, gender, skill level and more.

This also allows players to find pickleball clubs to join that can further their development and meet more people.

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