How Victor Oladipo Became an NBA Style Icon

The NBA All-Star drills down on his style evolution

“Fashion and clothes are its own language,” Pacers All-Star Victor Oladipo recently told us on the set in Miami for an episode of Bose x ONE37pm’s“Frame of Mind.”

“You can describe who you are without having to say anything.”

Oladipo’s style speaks for itself. While he favors bold patterns (it’s no coincidence that his stylist, Rachel Johnson, brings in a rack filled with splashy button-downs from Dries Van Noten and others), he pulls it all together with aplomb. Whether it’s track pants and a graphic tee or something a little more dressed up, Oladipo knows how to seize the moment when he’s out and about or in the locker room tunnel.

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“Even though it’s only 30 seconds of people watching,” Oladipo says about fashion’s hottest runway, “it shows our personality and that we’re more than athletes.”

In the latest episode of “Frame of Mind,” presented by ONE37pm and Bose, Oladipo drills down on what makes his showstopping style and the kind of pieces he looks for to express himself. As an active musician, he’s constantly in search of versatile looks—fits that showcase individuality but are also grounded in the trends that move the needle. As personal style becomes the lingua franca among millennial athletes, Oladipo is ahead of his time. He is someone who knows how to style any given moment and someone who knows a game-changing pair of frames when he sees them.