In Honor of March Madness, Warren Buffett Offered His Employees $1 Million a Year for Life

All they needed was the best bracket

Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

It looks like Warren Buffett is jonesing to bless a Hoop-stradamus with some serious cash.

In 2014, Buffet partnered with @quickenloans to put up a $1 billion bounty for *anyone* who could correctly predict all 63 games in the NCAA tournament. After the prize went unclaimed, Buffet started offering his employees $1 million a year for life if they could guess the entire Sweet Sixteen. Berkshire Hathaway employs almost 400,000 people, but there haven't been any winners since the contest started in 2016.

Don't worry. Not everybody is walking away from this über office pool empty haded. Buffet still dishes out $100,000 to whoever has the best bracket.

@cbssundaymorning asked Buffet if he was worried about a loss of productivity in his workplace during @marchmadness. "We're gonna lose 'em anyway!" Buffett said. "We might as well have a good time while it's happening." 

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