The Rams Create Change At The Top Of NFL Week 15 Power Rankings

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For the first time in seven seasons, no team has clinched a playoff berth by the end of Week 14— and it's not a guarantee that it will happen this upcoming weekend either. Down below are our latest power rankings before we enter Week 15 of this NFL season.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-3) - As long as Tom Brady is on the field, the Buccaneers will always thrive in big moments. Sure, they let a 24-3 second-half lead disappear, but Brady salvaged the game with a walk-off 58-yard touchdown in overtime.

2. New England Patriots (9-4) - The Patriots didn't even play last weekend, but they won in spirit by staying the AFC's No. 1 seed. Next is a massive Saturday night matchup against the Indianapolis Colts, the newly-placed No. 6 wild-card seed in their conference.

3. Green Bay Packers (10-3) - After chasing the Cardinals for a few weeks, the Packers are finally in the driver's seat of the NFC via the No. 1 seed. But can they stay there after traveling to Baltimore and facing a highly motivated Ravens team this Sunday?

4. Arizona Cardinals (10-3) - Even though the character of this year's Cardinals is respected, Arizona faces a new raft of questions after dropping a crucial home game to the Rams. These next few weeks will be especially telling as they look to rebound from the loss while several key players—in particular, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins—try to shake off some rust.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (9-4) - After weeks of unusual struggles, the Chiefs' offense re-found their stride, scoring 48 points against their divisional rival, Las Vegas Raiders. Despite only being the AFC's third seed, the AFC West leader is very much in the race for the AFC's top spot, boasting the same record as the Patriots and Titans.

6. Los Angeles Rams (9-4) - If you have any questions about the Rams and their legitimacy, their primetime road win over the Arizona Cardinals should have answered that for you. This team has rightfully created championship expectations and has maintained them by winning big games the way they did on Monday night.

7. Dallas Cowboys (9-4) - Although they've won two consecutive games, the Cowboys need a statement win to reassert themselves as true contenders before the playoffs begin.

8. Tennessee Titans (9-4) - As mentioned in last week's rankings, the doctor's order of a bye week followed by a home matchup against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars was what the Titans needed. It's a crucial win for a team that's still in the hunt for a first-round bye in the postseason.

9. Los Angeles Chargers (8-5) - The Chargers' chances of making the postseason are becoming more realistic, and that's exciting for L.A. and the entire league. On any given week, quarterback Justin Herbert has the potential to be the most electric quarterback in the NFL.

10. Baltimore Ravens (8-5) - The Ravens are now the second team to be given the "Scary Hours" treatment within these rankings, and rightfully so. Their inconsistent yet exciting style of play has buckled under the weight of injuries to star players and the red-hot Packers are coming to town this Sunday.

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