Who Owns AEW? What You Should Know About Wrestling’s Newest Promotion

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The mainstream force known as World Wrestling Entertainment rules the current wrestling landscape. 

Vince McMahon and company regularly produce an in-ring product that’s viewed by millions of fans on a weekly basis. Plus, they deliver PPV’s and other types of grand content on their WWE Network streaming service. Thanks to the new deal that will see that very same service carry over to NBC’s Peacock streaming client, WWE will rack up even more funds than ever before and continue to stay on top from a financial standpoint.

However, an up and coming wrestling fed has done its best to change the tide of the business as a whole. That company is known as All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which is primarily owned and led by the son of a billionaire businessman and sports tycoon. AEW’s early successes have played out in an impressive fashion and paint a picture of a bright future for the fledgling wrestling company.

So who owns AEW? It’s time you all got a better idea of the movers and shakers behind the organization, its inception, its rise to fame, and how things are looking for the company’s future dealings.

The Owners

AEW’s lead investor is Shahid Khan. His strong business acumen can be seen via his ownership of American automotive company Flex-N-Gate. As for his involvement in the sports sector, Khan holds the position of owner for the National Football League’s (NFL) Jacksonville Jaguars and the English Premier League’s (EPL) Fulham F.C teams. Now that he’s dipped his toes into the sport of professional wrestling, Khan is classified as co-owner of AEW, alongside his son Tony Khan.

Company History

The genesis of AEW can be traced back to a simple tweet posted in 2017. In response to a question from a fan, wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer noted that a wrestling promotion by the name of Ring of Honor (ROH) couldn’t sell out an arena with 10,000+ fans. Cody Rhodes got wind of that sentiment and decided to challenge Meltzer’s comment.

The Future of the Company

Wrestling fans can look forward to watching the action on AEW Dynamite unfold on TNT for the foreseeable future since the company’s domestic TV deal has been extended through 2023. That bit of good news has already been joined by an even more applause-worthy announcement: AEW will be adding a second weekly TV series to WarnerMedia’s TNT network at some point.

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