Here’s Who Should Jump from WWE to AEW

These underappreciated and underutilized wrestlers need to embrace a new ‘future endeavor’

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Ever since All Elite Wrestling went from a dirt-sheet rumor to a full-fledged federation, rumors have been circulating about who’s set to make the jump from WWE to Cody Rhodes’s wrestling empire.

A good portion of the IWC—Internet Wrestling Community—didn’t take AEW seriously at first. But their outlook changed almost instantly. The hottest free agent in all of wrestling and former NJPW star Kenny Omega decided to ply his trade with AEW, which came as a surprise to those who figured he’d arrive in WWE instead. This major acquisition echoed AEW’s stated mission: to sign the best talent from the current landscape of wrestling and give them the freedom to entertain the world on a new platform.

On the other end of the wrestling spectrum, Vince McMahon’s juggernaut of a company has regularly received criticism over its use of certain personalities. WWE’s talent pool is growing to the point where it seems unmanageable. And judging by the lackluster story lines and lack of TV time afforded to several WWE wrestlers, that sentiment seemingly rings true.

Now that AEW has gotten the ball rolling and is ready to provide a fresh alternative for wrestling fans, a few of WWE’s underutilized Superstars would be better off making their name elsewhere. Here are just a few of the Superstars who are talented enough to shake off the bad stench of their WWE run and make an impact in AEW:

Tye Dillinger

The wrestling world recently discovered that the “Perfect 10” requested his release from WWE. And honestly, who can blame him? After competing in a handful of matches on the main roster, he was relegated to silly backstage skits with R-Truth and being Shinsuke Nakamura’s punching bag. Considering how he excelled in NXT, it’s disheartening to see WWE not capitalizing on such a hot talent.

Dillinger may not be at the level of WWE’s top-tier athletes, but he’s still a viable commodity that could have been used to bolster SmackDown Live’s mid-card. He deserves better and he knows it. All he needs to do is take a look at how much the former CJ Parker has improved after leaving WWE and going to NJPW. Following Juice Robinson’s blueprint for success could propel Dillinger to greatness. And it would make all the sense in the world for him to realize his full potential in AEW.

Chad Gable

Does WWE realize that it has the second coming of Kurt Angle in its midst? Chad Gable has shown fans time and time again that he’s a potential super babyface in the making. His American Alpha run with Jason Jordan was a regular highlight of NXT, but their main roster call-up was nothing to write home about. Everything he’s done since breaking ties with Jordan hasn’t led to much fanfare, either. But two things have remained constant when Gable is a part of the equation: his in-ring expertise and infectious [[< personality.

Gable is no slouch in the ring, and he certainly knows how to get the crowd behind him. WWE’s booking hasn’t done him any favors, so it’s time for him to show the wrestling world how much more he can do. If there’s one guy who can give AEW its most talented technical wrestler, it’s Gable. His amateur wrestling credentials, goofy yet lovable personality, slick high-flying offense and technical wizardry is ready-made for AEW.

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews is another case of an NXT talent being called up way too soon. He was slowly developing into the best part of himself, and with a few more months of developmental fine-tuning, he could’ve transformed into a complete superstar. But his unexpected promotion put him on the big stage when it was abundantly clear that he wasn’t ready yet. And to the surprise of no one, Crews has done next to nothing during his stint on Raw.

Crews was forced to learn on the fly, and it seems he’s started to become much more comfortable on the mic. But it looks as if WWE hasn’t taken much notice of his progress, which means he’ll most likely be an extra body in random battle royals for the rest of his career. He needs to take every skill he’s acquired during his time spent with WWE and put them to better use in AEW. Crews has the type of look that adds an air of legitimacy to his offense. Plus, the man does a mean standing moonsault into a shooting star press! AEW is all about having a roster full of diverse individuals. Crews could certainly add to that element of diversity.

The Revival

Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks made the wrestling world a promise: One day, his tag team would finally take on the Revival. Soon after, Dash Wilder of the Revival noted that his team was receptive to that dream match scenario. Now it looks like that promise will be fulfilled in 2019. The Revival doesn’t seem to be pleased with their current position on the Raw brand. Rumor has it that they requested their release mere moments after a match against the Lucha House Party came to a close.

WWE threw the Raw tag team straps on the Revival, a decision that reeks of the company trying to finesse them into re-signing. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson don’t look like the type of guys who would give in so easily to a last-ditch effort to keep them happy. They competed in classic NXT matches that are still talked about to this very day. The Revival would blossom in a company that’s looking to shine the spotlight on tag team wrestling. That company is AEW.

Gallows & Anderson

How far the mighty have fallen! Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson enjoyed tag team success as part of the NJPW roster. Their Bullet Club affiliation afforded them a high-profile spot in Japan and across the indies. Once they arrived in the WWE, things looked promising at first. They aligned themselves with a fellow good brother in A.J. Styles and started a hot feud with the Usos. Once WWE’s juvenile humor became a part of their act, their stock quickly nose-dived. Unfunny doctor skits and continued losses have put Gallows and Anderson in an unrewarding position on the main roster.

There’s no reason for the team to stick around in WWE other than hanging out with Styles and Finn Bálor. A fresh environment in the form of AEW could provide Gallows and Anderson with the chance to deliver their brand of unscripted promo hilarity. Plus, they’ll be more inspired in the ring against a brand-new array of tag teams. And should Gallows and Anderson ever break up, Anderson has the skills needed to easily transition back into a singles star. AEW would benefit greatly from signing these two slept-on individuals.

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