Best Lil Wayne Songs of All-Time

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1. ‘3 Peat’

He covers shooting himself in the chest, promising his mother a better life and watching SportsCenter in the space of a few lines. It’s a stream of consciousness like no other.

2. ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’

Released a few weeks after Wayne was released from prison, he and Cory Gunz killed this. Neither of them wasted a single bar and for Wayne especially, every line he rapped was a hit.

3. ‘A Milli’

‘A Milli’ is a timeless Hip-Hop song. The album was close to being turned in and Wayne was conscious that his fans loved when he rapped from start to finish on a song, so he did.

4. ‘BM J.R.’

 Many consider Tha Carter  to be his breakout album. ‘BM J.R.’ is a standout from the LP and arguably one of the better displays of rapping in Weezy’s entire career

5. ‘Cry Out’

The New Orleans rapper reminisces on his younger days and pays tribute to friends of his who have passed away. This song leaked in 2006 and wasn’t officially released until 10 years later.






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