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Biggest Comebacks in NBA Playoff History

Where does the Grizzlies' 26 point rally rank as one of the biggest comebacks in NBA history?

31 points - Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriors (4/15/2019)

Led by 36 points from Lou Williams, the Clips overcame a 94-63 3rd quarter deficit to beat the Golden State Warriors 135-131.

29 points - Los Angeles Lakers vs Seattle Supersonics (5/4/1989)

After trailing Seattle 41-12 in the second quarter, the Los Angeles Lakers stormed back to win the game 97-95.

Down by 27 points late in the 3rd quarter, the Clippers stormed back thanks to a 28-3 run to close out the game.

27 points - Los Angeles Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies (4/29/2012)

The 2002 Boston Celtics, 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers, 2021 Atlanta Hawks and 2022 Memphis Grizzlies all completed 26 point comebacks in the playoffs.

26 points - 4 times