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December 15, 2022

'Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion'


Is this remaster of the classic PSP action RPG a proper revival or a failure?

Find out in our review 

pro 1.

The improved graphics attached to this remaster make all the climatic battles and summon animations look amazing.

Much Cleaner Visuals

pro 2.

The impactful melee combat, being able to dodge attacks without getting hit, and the improved "Digital Mind Wave" system are all great.

More Enjoyable Combat

pro 3.

The original story of this game still holds up amazingly well and really picks up during the second half of Zack Fair's epic adventure.

Strong Storytelling

pro 4.

It gets quite addicting and rewarding as you make your way through every side mission to obtain new DMW moves, Materia, summons, etc

Fun Side Tasks

con 1.

The same horrid lines that come from certain characters remain unchanged and just as cringy as they ever were.

Cringy Dialogue

Final Score 9/10

Square Enix did a bang-up job when it comes to bringing this classic PSP title back to modern consoles in its most impressive form.

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