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Exploring Digital Fashion in the Metaverse with: RTFKT Studios

RTFKT Studios is a creator-led company within the NFT scene creating next-generation sneakers and collectibles ready for the metaverse.

They use the latest technology and manufacturing expertise to craft some of the most cutting-edge and exclusive sneakers that the NFT world has seen.

RTFKT has launched a number of NFT projects since they began in 2020, with each collection garnering significant attention from the NFT community.

RTKFT is bridging the digital with reality in the metaverse, making sneakers usable across a host of metaverse platforms including The Sandbox, and Decentraland.

Furthermore, they are testing both AR and VR applications, uniquely enabling holders to try their sneakers on using social media platforms such as Snapchat.

recently they launched Punk Project, a collection that may pave the way for the fashion industry. The collection consists of 10,000 unique sneakers, exclusively available to Punk owners.

there is more to the ownership of the sneaker, whereby owners will receive the 1/1 sneaker NFT, a physical version, a VXL portrait, and access to metaverse wearables.

"We believe the Metaverse is the opportunity for many more creative visions and creators to stand out."

the future of digital fashion in the metaverse

"While IRL fashion has been controlled by the same tastemakers for decades, the Metaverse will empower many new subcultures and aesthetics, unconstrained by laws of physics."

- RTFKT studios

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