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'Fatal Frame: Mask of the lunar eclipse'

March 7, 2023

Should you give this paranormal survival horro adventure a try to ignore it altogether?

Find out in our review

pro #1

An intriguing plot

The game's story, which centers on a mysterious island and a group of young women suffering from amnesia and haunted by spirits, is compelling.

pro #2

a spooky adventure

You'll always be enveloped by a constant sense of dread thanks to the game's fear-inducing locales and smart use of alarming audio.

pro #3

camera-based combat

'Fatal Frame's' signature mechanic of using a camera to abolish troubled spirits remains as fun as ever and makes each encounter tense yet fun.

con #1

unwieldy controls

Characters moving at an incredibly slow pace and shoddy camera controls will definitely hamper your enjoyment.

con #2

annoying loading

Having to deal with loading sequences when you're simply entering another room is an element that shouldn't exist in 2023.

FINAl Score

'Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse' is a decent remaster of a survival horror cult classic. It just needed more worthwhile enhancements to truly excel.

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