Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope' Review

The hilarious hijinks come a mile a minute and are funny enough for gamers of all ages. Plus the art style is quite charming.

PRO #1

Plenty of Charm and Humor

The switch from a grid-based movement layout to a more open battlefield exploration method greatly improves strategic options.

PRO #2

Better Battle Movement

The new playable characters, the addition of stat-boosting "Sparks," and varied combat scenarios are all awesome.

PRO #3

Improved Battle Systems

The orchestral tunes that play out during world exploration and battles all sound phenomenal.

PRO #4

A Great Soundtrack

The sense of progression is addictive - equipping two Sparks to each character is one example of that enjoyable element.

PRO #5

Great Progression

Not being able to use healing items outside battle sucks, plus being forced to pay for a full party heal is weird.

CON #1

Iffy Healing Mechanics

The Switch's aging hardware trips this game up with moments of choppy performance and annoying load times

CON #2

Sucky Loading Times

'Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope' features a bunch of welcome upgrades and offers one of the best strategy RPGs on Switch.