MAY 12, 2022
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Murakami & RTFKT Opening NYC Exhibition

Legendary Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami collaborated with Nike-owned digital fashion brand RTFKT Studios earlier this year to create a 20,000 unit NFT project called Clone X. 

Clone X

The digital and physical worlds are colliding as Murakami & RTFKT are the subjects of a NYC exhibition titled "An Arrow Through History". The gallery opened yesterday (May 11).

Digital Meets Physical

The exhibition contains artwork created by Murakami including his recent 'Murakami Flowers' NFT project along with prints and sculptures based on RTFKT's Clone X.

Featured Art

RTFKT has also arranged for an identical virtual gallery produced by OnCyber. The virtual gallery is a mirror image of the physical exhibition space.

 Virtual Counterpart

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