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December 7, 2022

'Need for Speed


Does EA's 'NFS' series finish in first or last place with this new brand of illegal street racing?

Find out in our review 

pro 1.

The cel-shaded visual palette that's used for the actual racers themselves and the cars' graffiti-themed special effects are super cool.

A Dope Art Style

pro 2.

Zipping across busy city streets, dodging the cops, and pulling off sick drifts that segue into big boosts are all gratifying.

A Great Racing Feel

pro 3.

Besides racing, it feels great to have other tasks to fulfill - discovering new graffiti and transporting expensive new rides are among fun those side jobs.

Amusing Side Activities

con 1.

Besides some solid tunes from the likes of IDK and A$AP Rocky, this game's OST features a bunch of lackluster tunes.

Disappointing Soundtrack

con 2.

The extremely corny dialogue that comes from the entirety of the cast is beyond painful to listen to and hampers the story.

Horrible Dialogue

con 3.

Even on the lowest difficulty setting, you'll still have a hard time getting anything past 5th place thanks to nearly perfect racing AI.

Unfair Difficulty Level

Final Score 6.75/10

'NFS Unbound' marks a decent upturn for the racing franchise, but unrelenting AI and cringy dialogue takes away from the experience.

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