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January 20, 2023


'One piece odyssey'

Is this 'One Piece' turn-based RPG a worthy adventure worth undertaking or something you can skip entirely?
Find out in our review 

pro 1.

The graphics on display throughout this game's lengthy adventure look incredibly accurate to the manga/anime.

Strong Visuals

pro 2.

Hanging out with the "Straw Hat Pirates" while revisiting iconic story arcs and interacting with new characters are riveting activities.

Intriguing Plot

pro 3.

Utilizing the abilities of each party member to prevail during "Scramble Area Battles" and special "Dramatic Scenes" are amusing.

Fun Combat

pro 4.

The soundtrack backing the game's explorative and battle segments is magnificent and perfectly fits the game's source material.

Great OST

con 1.

The combat is honestly a breeze, which makes battles start to feel like too much of an easy chore at times.

Too Easy

con 2.

Only the Japanese voice actors are present here, sadly, It would have been nice to have the English voice actors as well.

No English Dub

Final Score 7.75/10

'One Piece Odyssey' is a cool JRPG that diehard fans will enjoy. It's a quality experience tripped up by a few inconveniences, though.

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