'Star Ocean: The Divine Force' Review

Each character comes with a nice variety of combat maneuvers that can be combined to create unique combos.

PRO #1

A Fun Combat System

Taking to the skies to collect items, discover high locales, and dash into battle with the D.U.M.A.S. accessory is super fun.

PRO #2

D.U.M.A.S. Exploration

The focus on warring kingdoms, a virus pandemic, and exploration among the stars provide this game with an interesting storyline.

PRO #3

An Engrossing Plot

The main cast of characters have likable quirks about them, plus their conversations provide intriguing developments.

PRO #4

Likable Characters

Exploring open fields, massive cities, and small towns will expose you to just how good the game's locales look.

PRO #5

Pretty Environments

The drops in frames, last-gen visuals for main characters & NPCs, and strange glitches/bugs disrupt things.

CON #1

Shoddy Performance

The soundtrack, while not bad, doesn't provide a whole lot of memorable tracks worth listening to outside of the game.

CON #2

Unmemorable OST

'Star Ocean: The Divine Force' is far better than its predecessor thanks to fun combat, an intriguing story, and magnetic personalities.