What is Arbitrum?

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Arbitrum is a layer-2 scaling solution that is designed to increase speed and scalability, while still retaining the privacy of Ethereum’s mainnet, to enhance Ethereum smart contracts.

What's Arbitrum?

This layer-2 solution aims to solve the long transaction times and high gas fees experienced when using the Ethereum blockchain. Arbitrum does this by using a technique called a rollup.

Arbitrum is an optimistic rollup. This rollup allows smart contracts on Ethereum to scale by sending data and messages between smart contracts on the Arbitrum layer-2 chain.

How does Arbitrum work?

Scalability and transaction speed are increased because the transaction processing occurs on layer-2, while all the records of the transactions still appear on the Ethereum mainnet. 

- High EVM compatibility

- Developer tools

- Low cost

When compared to other layer-2 solutions, Arbitrum has many benefits, including:

Benefits of Arbitrum

- Expanding ecosystem

As the world of Web3 continues to expand and people desire more optimized technologies, solutions such as Arbitrum will continue to transform the way we utilize blockchain technology.

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