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What is Omegaball?


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Omegaball was founded by Anthony Dittmann, who previously worked with X Games and other live sports productions.


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Omegaball is a form of soccer played with five players on a circular pitch but there are three teams competing instead of a traditional two playing.

Basic Rules

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Omegaball doesn't have offsides enforced, there's no throw ins and there are three 12-minute periods each match. 


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Omegaball recently held its first Men's and Women's Championships in Irvine, California. They'll hold more events in November 2022.

More Rules

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Each team has a goalkeeper in Omegaball and teams can score in any of the other two goals on the pitch. There are also fast restarts when the ball goes out.

Crypto & Soccer

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Omegaball has partnered with blockchain token company TNNS, which has the rights to exclusive event-related content and NFTS.


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