What Is Veecon?

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VeeCon 2022 is a multi-day superconference put on by Gary Vaynerchuck, where only VeeCon NFT ticket holders can experience an extraordinary lineup of content.

Content includes iconic keynote speeches, innovative and educational talks, panels, Q&A sessions, and many collaborative experiences. In addition, there will numerous perfomances.

VeeCon 2022 is inspired by favorite events I’ve seen throughout my life, including business conferences, music festivals, closed-door offsite events, and not least of all, summer camp activities. - GV

VeeCon NFT tickets were initially airdropped to VeeFriends NFT holders. Now if you want to buy a VeeCon ticket, you have to purchase one from an NFT marketplace such as Opensea.

VeeCon will be held once per year, for the next three years. 2022's conference is being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from May 19th – May 22nd, at the US Bank Stadium.

The cool thing about the VeeCon NFT is that it is actually being revealed as a collectible piece of art that attendees can keep even after the conference.