Who is Tierra Whack?

Tierra Whack is coming off her three-song EP 'Pop?' The project is receiving a lot of praise for it's display of charisma and confidence. 

Meet Tierra

Tierra Whack, her real birth name, is a rapper, songwriter, and singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born on August 11th, 1995, making her 26 years old. 

Her Original Artist Name!?!?

She went by the name "Dizzle Dizz" from 2011 until 2017. 

Her Music

Tierra released 'Whack World' in 2018, which became a massive hit. Whack is signed to Interscope Records. 

Turned hatred into art

Whack said that she was bullied during her youth for being black in a predominantly white school. She used her music as an outlet to create a voice for herself.

Rap? Pop?

On December 2nd, she released 'Rap?'. She followed up this with 'Pop?' on December 9th. Both being three-track, mini EPs. This can only mean we can expect more music to come from Tierra.






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