A Closer Look At The One Thing Boxing Does Better Than MMA

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So many times, you will hear people talk about the differences between MMA and boxing. I truly do love both. And recently, you have probably heard a lot of people say that MMA is surpassing boxing as the elite combat sport. Each has pros and cons, but there is one thing that boxing does better than MMA.

Last week, fight fans got an incredible high-level championship fight between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders. It was skillful, it was action-packed, and it felt like the world's attention was captured for that time. After some quality back and forth rounds, Canelo eventually landed a sensational uppercut and hurt Saunders.

Saunders pushed through the remainder of the round but failed to answer the bell. His corner waved off the fight, citing a broken bone near his eye as a concern. And while Saunders never said to stop the fight, there seem to be some fans who are saying he didn't vocalize his desire to continue.

Now, there is some context required with the Saunders situation. Earlier this year, he criticized Daniel Dubois for "quitting" in the ring. In summary, he said he would have to be dragged out of the ring before quitting.

This just feels crazy to me. This is a career-threatening injury. The primary job of the cornermen is to protect their fighter. That is their job.

And if I'm honest, I think we should see more of this in MMA. There are so few examples of corners throwing in the towel in MMA, and it is a shame. One of the only ones I can think of is Nick Diaz throwing in the towel for Nate Diaz when he was head kicked by Josh Thompson.

With everything considered, I find it bizarre when fans criticize or coach from home.

ESPECIALLY, in the moments right after. Once we found out it was an orbital fracture, how could you justify continuing?

I think the lesson to take away is that stopping these fighters might be frustrating at the moment, but we fans at home have no business voicing our opinions. Pulling a fighter from a match can save careers and create longevity for some of our favorite warriors.

Isn't that the most important thing?

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