Aljamain Sterling Previews The Biggest Fight of His Life

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He is the number one contender in the UFC’s bantamweight division, and on Saturday, March 6th, he will compete in his first UFC title fight. 

Just 10 days away from his fight against Petr Yan, he talked with ONE37pm’s Bo Templin on “In The Fight.”

During our conversation, we preview his upcoming title fight while looking back on some of his career highlights. However, we do eventually get into things outside of the cage. Sterling is a true and true entrepreneur who has a real estate business, a podcast, and is incredibly active on social media.

 ONE37pm: If your high school self could see you now, making that walk to the octagon on Saturday, what would he be most proud of? 

Sterling: “I would say that he’s finally proven himself. After wanting to prove himself for so long. That’s what he would say. 

ONE37pm: Do you remember that motivation as a wrestler in high school? Wanting to prove yourself? 

Sterling: "100 percent…I wanted to be the guy who never let anyone down. I was super talented in terms of raw talent, but I didn’t know how to wrestle. I was just scrappy, knew how to fight, and never quit." 

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