Kenny Florian Dissects 2021's Best Fights in the UFC

The UFC legend chops it up with Bo Templin


This week on In The Fight, Kenny Florian joined me to talk about some of the standout moments from the UFC in 2021. Florian is a UFC legend, former commentator, and current podcaster. This week, he was announced as the new commentator for the Professional Fighters League.

Bo: You have such a higher fight IQ than an idiot, like me. Do you ever have a hard time dumbing down your knowledge to people like me?

Florian: “I hope and my goal is to explain things on a level that anyone can understand.”

The fight game has changed so much over its short history. Even just the style of fights and fighters has drastically changed. And Florian notices those changes.

Florian: "So many fighters look the same today."

For the remainder of the episode, the two look back on brilliant performances from Max Holloway, Michael Chandler, and more. To finish off the conversation, they look ahead to Chandler's bout against Charles Oliveira.

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