Dream AEW Rivalries for CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole

The Wrestling Classic's ideal matchups for some of AEW's newest stars.

Artwork by Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

Hey everyone! It's "The Wrestling Classic" Justin here with another article for ONE37PM. All Elite Wrestling hit a home run with their All Out pay-per-view, which was filled with unforgettable moments and surprises. The fans are still trying to get over the big moments of the show. CM Punk returned to the ring after seven years. Adam Cole made his debut to join his old friends in The Elite. Bryan Danielson also made his shocking debut to AEW, ready to kick some heads in.

The week of AEW television that followed kept the buzz going. It also left us wondering who these new additions to the All Elite Wrestling roster may feud in the near future. Although I would love all three talents to work against each other or together (imagine Punk/Danielson versus the Young Bucks) at some point, I wanted to share rivalries I would like to see these gentlemen have against talent that was already on the roster. Trust me, I know I can name a handful for each guy, but I tried to narrow it down to four each to keep it simple. I also tried to pick four unique names for each wrestler rather than having any crossover between the lists. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

1. PAC

Two of my favorite matches in All Elite Wrestling's history are the matches PAC had against Kenny Omega. It already seems as if we will be getting Bryan Danielson against Kenny Omega soon, which led me to think about how awesome it would be to see Bryan Danielson face off against PAC. To my knowledge, the two of them never crossed paths in the WWE, but had wrestled years ago in Ring of Honor. The idea of them both being seasoned veterans now and facing off again gets me excited. The common trend with the Danielson dream matches is that Daniel Bryan wants to wrestle, and this would be a  great wrestling match. Imagine the promos PAC would cut about slaying the American Dragon. I'm here for it.

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