6 Bleach Blond Looks You Should Try

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Everyone was sure bleached hair was done when Pete Davidson masked his peroxide mane in breakup blue last November. But all trends come full circle, and blonde is back, baby! Like groundhogs predicting the future of our Bitmojis, prominent men from Zac Efron to Ansel Elgort are popping up daily on our Instagram feeds with lightened locks—and calling for a few more months of blonde, at least.

Of course, we can’t speak bleach without acknowledging a few OG purveyors of platinum power. From Jared Leto’s manic pixie blonde in Fight Club to River Phoenix’s romantic ice shade and Eminem’s hip-hop yellow tones, a quick Google image search contains no shortage of peroxide inspiration from across the ages—and proves the endless possibilities available on the bleach spectrum. And who could forget when Bieber went full-on blonde in 2014, causing a spike in sales of home-dye kits.

The moral of the story? If you’re feeling the collective conscious pull to the blonde bottle, let this be your sign to go for broke and take the platinum plunge in 2019. P.S. Don’t forget the purple shampoo.

Zac Efron

Mr. Efron flexed two trends with one stone, literally, when he sported bleached hair while rock climbing. In the photo's caption he shouted out National Geographic's popular documentary Free Solo about free climber Alex Honnold.

Ansel Elgort

Baby Driver went baby blonde—and we’re here for it. Even if his upcoming role as Tony in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story means it’s fleeting. All the best things are.

Zayn Malik

Zayn’s initial all-over bleach job grew into frosted tips that work. Though he's reverted to his natural jet black color, it can only be a matter of time before Malik debuts a new look.

Troye Sivan

Paying homage to pop stars before him, the Australian YouTuber-turned-songwriting sensation owns his signature blonde locks. Only recently has he reverted successfully back to brown, but he was bringing that Gold Coast summer back to life with this piecey blonde mop.

Pete Davidson

Pour one out for Pete’s short-lived, bleach-punk style. Though he has now returned to his natural hair, shearing off his hair entirely with (probably a number three, if we were to guess), his blonde scumbro coiffure had many reconsidering their own shabby styles.

Jonah Hill

The Mid '90s director swapped his curly brown mop for a platinum blonde look in early December of last year. Paired with his grown out beard of a different shade, it's a color contrast that we feel is really working for the recent Jiu Jitsu disciple.

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