5 Things to Make You Look Cooler That You Can Also Afford

There comes a point when a guy might decide he wants to, ya know, dress a bit cooler. But where does one start? It is easy to fall victim to the convenience offered by the fast fashion world. Retailers like Topman or Urban Outfitters might seem trendy and cheap, but don't expect quality. The other trap is streetwear—buying Stüssy or Supreme because there is a line outside does not make a well-dressed dude.

Nobody can dictate your style but you: Only you can figure out what you like. But a good way to at least differentiate your style from every other guy's fit is to buy stuff that isn't at every other shop. Thrifting is a great way to begin and a rather inexpensive starting point to experimenting with your style. But if you were to purchase a few key items for relatively cheap that can really take your fits from lame to flame, we have a few suggestions.

dodo hat trey one37pm
$48 / Rowing Blazers

Corduroy Dad Dodo Hat

A corduroy hat can take your entire fit from stuffy or too put together to casual. Timothée Chalamet has been spotted on several occasions sporting a cap from menswear brand Rowing Blazers, started by former national rowing team member Jack Carlson. They're comfy and come with tongue-in-cheek satin-stitched patches tacked to the front.

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sneaker trey one37pm
$375 / Yoox

Rubber Soul Sneakers

There are a lot of different sneakers that sneakerheads lust over—new collabs between high-fashion designers and streetwear brands drop almost daily now. But there are a few shoe brands that are making interesting footwear that straddles the two world of sneakers and dress shoes well (Romain Kremer's designs at Camper come to mind).

Enter RBRSL_RUBBER SOUL. Handcrafted in Piticchio, Italy, each pair is expertly designed and rubber-dipped until it appears as though the sole is fused with the upper. Then the makers progressively and strictly number each shoe for authenticity. They look experimental but wearable.

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pants trey one37pm
$125 / Daily Paper

Old Pink Oversized Pants

I get that dusty rose pants are not in every guy's sartorial vocabulary, but they look super sick! When paired with other minimal staples—a white tee, a pair of sneakers—they can really elevate your outfit. Daily Paper makes a damn covetable pair. Founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, it began as a mostly hypebeast brand that has since expanded into much more wearable offerings.

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wallet trey one37pm
$95 / End Clothing

A.P.C. Jayson Wallet

If your wallet is busted, here is a good one. The bifold is a thing of the past, and this A.P.C. wallet slips easily into your back pocket without looking like a butt tumor.

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hoodie trey one37pm
$69 / APieceofCake

HTT Red Hoodie

Everyone needs an oversize hoodie, regardless of the season. This wine-colored hoodie from Korean brand APIECEOFCAKE is a one-way ticket to cool town. With its mantra "design for the present," the label marries staple garments with interesting logos and graphics.

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