Baseball Legend Alex Rodriguez Enters a New Era of Personal Style

How becoming a TV analyst has impacted the iconic player’s sense of fashion

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Alex Rodriguez. One of the all-time great athletes in the history of professional sport. Businessman. Accomplished television broadcaster. Father. And incredibly fashion forward. We all know A-Rod’s many MLB accomplishments—including hitting over 600 home runs, over 2,000 RBIs, over 3,000 hits, and being a World Series Champion and 14-time All Star.

Now the baseball legend is in a new chapter of his career. KayRod Cast on ESPN2—an alternate broadcast of ESPN’s long-standing MLB game of the week Sunday Night Baseball—has quickly become a hit. The show is already garnering 15.7 percent of the overall Sunday Night Baseball audience of 1.6 million, the most for a regular sports alternate presentation. Becoming a regular on-screen persona also means that A-Rod's sense of fashion is on display weekly, so we wanted to hear a bit about how his style has developed over his career.

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For KayRod Cast's opener, the show hosted Meek Mill, Don Cheadle and several other stars from the baseball world, and last season they had plenty of notable guest appearances including Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Derek Jeter, Billy Crystal, Matthew Broderick, and Bob Costas. Additionally, A-Rod also calls MLB games for ESPN as a regular broadcaster, the MLB London Series on ESPN and the MLB Wild Card Series on ABC in October—with Kay as well. With a new season in full swing, we caught up with Rodriguez to talk about how he thinks about getting dressed.

Check out the interview below.

ONE37pm: Thanks for chatting with us A-Rod! Let’s go back to the beginning. How did your love of style begin, and who/what influenced you?

Rodriguez: Hmm. That’s a good question! I think it probably started right at the beginning with my father. He was always very formal by nature, and I always watched him with his suits and stuff. That was probably the first time I was influenced. Also, I was born in New York, and I was intrigued by Wall Street—Wall Street with Michael Douglas is actually my favorite movie, and I was always pulled in that direction by watching people on Wall Street take the train with a briefcase. It was cool to watch.

ONE37pm: Okay, now let's take it to the beginning of your career. In those first couple of years, what was your style like off the field?

Rodriguez: It transformed a bit because I started as a teenager at 18, and then I ended at 41. Going from a teenager to 41 is a big change, and I’ve always been more about the button-up side because I’ve always felt more comfortable in my uniform. I played for 25 years and always had a baseball uniform on, and now in business I just feel more comfortable going to the office, because once I get home, I like to relax in my pajamas. In the office, my mindset is: if my uniform is on, I’m here to work.

ONE37pm: As your profile began rising to you becoming baseball’s biggest superstar, all eyes were on you. How did your style change then as you were being seen in public a lot more outside of the field, attending events, red carpets, etc.?

Rodriguez: I think what never changed for me was style being less about how it looked and more about how it felt. Style is something from the inside out. I started thinking less about how something would look, and more so about how things made me feel about myself that day. That could be going somewhere that requires a tux, or just going someplace with a white t-shirt, Jordans, and some cool shades. Again, I think the biggest thing is less about looks and more about feel.

What never changed for me was style being less about how it looked and more about how it felt. Style is something from the inside out.

- Alex Rodriguez

ONE37pm: Who are your favorite designers or brands?

Rodriguez: I love Jordan Brand, and back in the day I really enjoyed how Giorgio Armani fit. Pat Riley was somebody who was a trendsetter back in the 80s with the Showtime Lakers and I always liked the way he dressed as well.

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ONE37pm: Alright, now let’s take it to the present. You now are on-air in a different way. What goes into your preparation for the looks you are wearing?

Rodriguez: I would say the same thing. My approach to style hasn’t changed, and I would say it’s still about feeling. Sometimes you feel like you want to rock a dark outfit. This morning I was happy because we got a big win yesterday so I wanted to wear something colorful. It’s also a feeling.

ONE37pm: So who is A-Rod now as opposed to that 18-year-old?

Rodriguez: I would probably say a little bit more measured and buttoned up. While it’s sometimes fun to free flow a little bit, I would say not too much has changed.

My encouragement is to always be you. Dress for yourself, not for others, and feel good about it.

- Alex Rodriguez

ONE37pm: You’ve accomplished a lot in so many different ways. Is there anything else on your list that you want to do?

Rodriguez: The hardest and most rewarding thing in my life is being a father to two girls. I have one that’s going to Michigan this fall, and I have a freshman. I actually enjoy their style! One of my favorite things to do is take them shopping. We can walk around for four or five hours, and I think I wear them out. I love when we go to different stores and some of their favorite stores. That’s really enjoyable to me.

ONE37pm: What style advice do you give to your daughters?

Rodriguez: My encouragement is to always be you. Dress for yourself, not for others, and feel good about it. Style is another form of expression. I always encourage them not to think in a limited way, whether that’s about life, business, school, or fashion, and that’s what I tell them. 

Tune into the KayRod Cast at 7pm ET every Sunday on ESPN2.

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