What We Know About Ariana Grande's Makeup Line: Exploring r.e.m. beauty

The confirmed release date, pricing and how this could affect her net worth

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Ariana Grande is known for her alluring vocals and hit singles that keep fans coming back for more. Ever since she stepped into the limelight, Grande has etched her place in the music industry’s hall of fame and has, so far, shown no signs of slowing down. 

Recently, the music sensation has been hinting at diversifying into the beauty industry. This came early in September 2021, when she announced plans to launch her beauty line, r.e.m. beauty, on her Instagram page. Does this mean that Grande is following the footsteps of her counterparts Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez, who all own beauty lines? It's looking that way.

With plans already set in motion, fans anticipate r.e.m. beauty’s product launch, and as the day draws closer, thousands of pre-orders are being made. It is projected that Grande’s upcoming beauty line will push her into Forbes’ Billionaire’s list and make her one of the top celebrity beauty entrepreneurs.

This article explores everything you need to know about Grande’s beauty line—from release date to potential pricing—and I also give my two cents on her potential induction to the Forbes billionaires list.

What is Grande up to with r.e.m.?

Grande gave us a hint of her dream to conquer the business world when she diversified into the fragrance industry. Her fragrances were instantly a best seller, bagging her the fragrance of the year award back in 2019.

Now Grande is looking to venture into the beauty industry with her new brand. In May, Ariana Grande’s trademark company, Thunder Road, filed r.e.m. beauty as a face makeup brand. 

R.E.M.? That sounds awfully familiar. Well, considering that Grande has named a song of hers and a perfume after this, the name r.e.m. beauty must have been influenced by these two.

What sort of products should we expect from r.e.m. beauty?

r.e.m. beauty is set to go all out on its products. The brand’s product line will cover a plethora of cosmetics like lashes, liners, lip stains, and plumping glosses.

The products look promising. Now when will r.e.m. beauty release?

For several months, Grande gave hints on when her product line would launch. Recently, she revealed some much-anticipated launch info, stating that r.e.m. beauty products will be available this fall. 

Product launch will also occur in four stages—or chapters, according to Grande. Products from the first chapter, Ultraviolet, were revealed mid-October on the brand’s official Instagram page in a not-so-conventional manner, a screenshot of a convo from someone with the initials “A.G.”, probably Grande herself.

r.e.m. beauty confirmed release date:

On November 5th, r.e.m. posted a picture of Ariana with the caption "one week", formally suggesting that the line should be dropping around November 12th. The aforementioned posts early in the week of November 8th also signal that we are approaching the launch date.

How much will r.e.m. products cost?

Currently, there is no confirmation around what r.e.m. beauty products might cost. However, considering other products Grande has brought to the market—namely merch and perfumes—pricing should be affordable [around the $30- $70 range].

Aside from this, the beauty industry is densely saturated with a lot of similar items already available, so r.e.m. will have to keep pricing competitive or bring something new to the table if it wants to be a memorable name in the market.

Ariana Grande's Net Worth and Forbes List Potential:

Grande has set the bar high in the music industry and has accrued a net worth of $180 million so far. This has made her one of the highest-paid female celebrities in the music industry. 

In 2019, she also took home the “Fragrance of the Year” award for her recent perfume, Cloud Eau De Parfum. As said at the beginning of this post, Grande is already set to join the ranks of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez, whose beauty lines increased their net worth significantly. 

And with the launch of Grande’s beauty line around the corner, we might see a similar story play out and definitely witness her net worth soar to the hundreds of millions, who knows, even billions.

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