The 30 Best Air Max Releases

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When it comes to the Nike family of sneakers, we hear a lot of talk about Air Jordans, Dunk, Forces, and the many collaborations that Nike has produced through the years. However, there is one sneaker that is super impactful, but more on the quiet side when it comes to “hype.” In our opinion, Air Maxes are extremely underrated at times. Sure the 95s and 97s have gotten numerous name drops in classic Hip-Hop tracks, but let’s be honest, when is the last time you heard someone mention the latest Air Max release in a song? Exactly. Today we are here to change that. We are going to be showing love to some of the best drops in Air Max history, while also showing some love to the newer sneakers that may have slipped under your radar. Let’s get started.

30. Nike Air Max 1 “Evolution of Icons”

Nike Evolution of Icons / GOAT

Release Date: March 2021

Let’s start with this new iteration of the “Icons” that were released on National Air Max Day in March. The white and grey suede overlays made this futuristic shoe a killer, as they paid tribute to past Air Max classics.

BUY NOW, $175

29. Warhawk Air Max

Nike Air Max
Warhawk Air Max / GOAT

Release Date: 2007

Released in 2007, the “Warhawks” remain one of the most celebrated Air Max releases. Inspired by the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, the colorway pays tribute to the World War II planes used by the U.S. Air Force. The “Warhawks” are still a coveted release with a current starting price of $4,425. These sneakers are a valuable collectors item for sure.

BUY NOW, $4,425

28. CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death”

Clot Air Max
CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death” / GOAT

Release Date: March 2021

This release could end up going down as the second-most anticipated of 2021 (the “Bacons” remain the most hyped of 2021 thus far in our opinion). This CLOT x Nike collaboration was an eye-catching collaboration with a sick neutral tan color schematic that offered cutting edge and comfortable versatility.

BUY NOW, $104

27. Nike Air Max “Lunar 90”

Nike Air Max Lunar 90 / GOAT

Release Date: July 2014

Talk about a throwback. The “Lunar 90s” aka “Lunar Landings” were an extravagant shoe that dropped in the summer of 2014 to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. The shoe featured 3M reflective detailing on the upper, and an outer space moonwalk theme scattered through the sneaker to give it an “inter-galactic” look.

BUY NOW, $695

26. Nike Air Max “Dia de Muertos”

Nike Air Max “Dia de Muertos” / GOAT

Release Date: October 2020

Another recent release, the “Dia de Muertos” celebrated the Day of the Dead holiday with a vibrant mixture of colors and graphic patterns. This was a very festive shoe that was actually slightly pricier than your standard Air Max, and the shoe can still be found on resell markets such as GOAT.

BUY NOW, $235

25. Off White x Air Max 97 OG “The Ten”

off white
Off White x Air Max 97 OG “The Ten” / GOAT

Release Date: November 2018

In November 2018, Virgil Abloh and Nike linked to create the Air Max 97 OG “The Ten,” a progressive shoe that could very well be among the most beautiful 97s to ever be created. The translucent upper was a unique feature that made the shoe an instant eye-catcher. It’s not everyday that you see translucent sneakers, and “The Tens” still remain a hot commodity nearly three years after their release.

BUY NOW, $1110

24. Nike Air Max "Taxi"

Nike Air Max Taxi / GOAT

Release Date: March 2021

This is an editor’s pick. The Air Max “Taxi” sneakers were an interesting take on NYC culture. While the bold yellow colorway makes it harder to pair than more neutral colors, there are still a lot of looks that can come out of this shoe. You can pair these with solid black or white joggers, and a hoodie/t-shirt. It’s up to you depending on your style and mood.

BUY NOW, $180

23. Supreme X Nike Air Max 96 Metallic Silver

Supreme X Nike Air Max 96 Metallic Silver / GOAT

Release Date: May 2021

This whole sneaker screams mid 1990s Missy Elliot music video, and we’re here for it. The silver and red mixes were dope on this colorway, and once again the futuristic vibe took things to the next level in what was another fire Supreme and Nike collaboration.

BUY NOW, $172

22. Nike Men's Air Max 270 Shoes

nike air max
Nike Air Max 270 / GOAT

Release Date: Unknown

Everybody needs a classic, and these fit the bill nicely. While not the most dynamic Air Max in the bunch, the grey university red/white is a cool shoe with a nice overall design (and perfect for anybody who attended/attends a school with red, white, and grey colors). The 270s in general are a great casual sneaker for store runs, days at the park, and even the gym.

BUY NOW, $127

21. Nike Air Max London “City Pack”

City London
Nike Air Max London “City Pack” / GOAT

Release Date: February 2020

The Air Max London “City Packs” paid tribute to postmen and postwomen with the solid red upper, orange overlays, and yellow patches. Despite being released over a year go, this iteration of the Air Max is still very successful, as the value is still high.

BUY NOW, $150

20. Nike Air Max 90 Classic

air max white
Nike Air Max 90 Classic / GOAT

Release: 1990

If you are new to the Air Max game, then you should start with the classics. They are simple, but simplicity is key sometimes with sneakers. The all-white colorway is the Air Max version of the Air Force 1s. Clean, crisp, and comfortable. Consider picking up a pair if you haven’t already.

BUY NOW, $132

19. Nike Air Max 90 “Infrared”

Nike Air Max Infrared
Nike Air Max Infrared / GOAT

Release Date: 2015

Originally released in 2015, the “Infrared” made waves for it’s cooler tones, and red/white mixtures. The grey overlays really made the shoe pop, making the “Infrareds” one of the go-to Air Maxes.

BUY NOW, $115

18. Nike Women’s Air Max 97 “Orange”

Nike Air Orange
Nike Air Max Orange / GOAT

Release Date: Unknown

Some people are fans of 97s, others are not. Regardless of your preference, this is a good statement sneaker with its bright orange color, and 97s tend to be on the comfortable side as well. If orange isn’t your preference, then there are plenty of other 97s to choose from.

BUY NOW, $295

17. Nike Air 90 “Premium”

Air Max Green
Nike Air 90 “Premium” / GOAT

Release Date: Unknown

A fly comfortable shoe dressed in a “Midnight Navy” colorway. The “Premiums” are your average AM 90s, but with a university theme.


16. Nike Air Max 1 LV8 “Obsidian”

nike air obsidian
Nike Obsidian / GOAT

Release Date: 1/22

Re-releasing in January, Nike offered a fresh take on this new edition of this legendary silhouette. Decked out in a wolf grey colorway, the “Obsidian” also sports a futuristic design and style with its white leather upper and chunky outsole. Not only is this a good beginner shoe, but it’s also a great collectors sneaker for the veterans.

BUY NOW, $84

15. Nike Air Max 90 “Valentines Day”

Nike Air Max Valentines / GOAT

Release Date: February 2021

These also caused quite a stir at the beginning of the year. In short, sneakerheads were looking for a nice romantic themed shoe to surprise their loved ones with, and they got their wish with the “Valentines Day'' iteration of the 90s. The shoes were designed to look like flowers, pink and red candies, and any other item that represents love. These sold out pretty quickly upon its original release, and while the shoes are definitely festive, you can also wear them for other occasions.

BUY NOW, $120

14. Nike Men’s Air Max Atmos “Elephant”

Nike Air Max Elephant
Nike Men’s Air Max Atmos “Elephant” / GOAT

Release Date: March 26th, 2016

Introduced on National Air Max Day in 2016, the “Elephants” featured a beautiful animal print complete with white panels that contrasted with a black upper, and a green Nike swoosh to finish the look. The “Elephants” are still highly sought after, and select sizes can be found via the resell market.

BUY NOW, $736

13. Huf x Nike Air Max 90

Huf Nike
Huf x Nike Air Max 90 / GOAT

Release Date: Varies

Nike and Huf have come together on multiple occasions to create some pretty fire collaborations. While we don’t have a favorite colorway (all have been great), which you choose is all about your personal preferences or what you are feeling style wise at the moment. Whichever you choose is up to you, but just know that you will be getting a great shoe.

BUY NOW, $108

12. Nike x Skepta

Nike Air Skepta / GOAT

Release Date: Varies

Similar to the Huf collaboration, there are plenty of colorway options available from the Nike x Skepta partnership. While all of their releases have been stellar, our personal favorites are the new“Tailwind” colorways which dropped on June 12th. Designed to look like a spider, these were pretty dope take on the traditional Air Maxes.

BUY NOW, $200

11. Undefeated x Nike Air Max

Nike Undefeated
Undefeated x Nike Air Max / GOAT

Release Date: Varies

Undefeated and Nike teaming up seemed like a no-brainer as both are known for their cultural influence. There are multiple colorways available from their partnership, but the “Black Militia Greens” from 2020 seem to be the most popular. It’s a little bit harder to get sneakers from this collaboration because it is Undefeated. However you could luck out depending on which size you wear.

BUY NOW, $1,150

10. Comme Des Garcons x Nike Air Max

Nike Comme Des Garcons
Comme Des Garcons x Nike Air Max / GOAT

Release Date: January 2020

Comme Des Garcons and Nike have been frequent collaborators for years, mixing couture and classic streetwear in its releases. The two have partnered on many drops in recent years, and there are plenty of sneakers for fans to choose from in their collection. Making their debut during Paris Fashion Week, the "Greys" are an eye-catching sneaker with an interesting take on 95s.

BUY NOW, $355

9. Nike x Air Max "Silver Bullet"

Nike Silver Surfer
Nike Silver Bullet / GOAT

Release Date: January 2020

The definition of "chrome spinning," the "Silver Bullets" remain an Air Max classic. The silver mesh upper and white leather overlays really take this shoe to the next level, and are some of the most fashion forward 97s on the market.

BUY NOW, $180

8. Clerks x Nike Air Max

Nike x Clerks / GOAT

Not much needs to be said about these. The "Clerks" are among the highest selling Air Maxes in Nike history, and noted for their taupe suede design, and color patterns. These shoes are still pretty difficult to come by, with many resellers only having select sizes available, proving their demand.

BUY NOW, $1,115

7. Chlorophyll Nike Air Max

Chlorophyll Nike Air Max / GOAT

Release Date: 2020

An earthy shoe, the "Chlorophylls" were released in celebration of the retro runners 30th anniversary. The shoe featured a breathable white mesh, grey suede overlays, and a black leather mudguard. This is a great shoe for anyone who is a fan of the outdoors.

BUY NOW, $90

6. Kidrobot x Nike Air Max

Screen Shot 2021 06 16 at 12.46.28 PM
Nike x Kid Robot / StockX

Release Date: February 2005

Talk about highly coveted. The "Kidrobots" dropped in 2005, and were designed to match the Kidrobot Maserati Quattroporte III Royal of 1986. If these shoes sounded like royalty, it's because they were, and honestly the "Kidrobots" are among the most beautiful Air Maxes ever created.

BUY NOW, $2500

5. Travis Scott x Nike Air Max

Travis Scott
Travis Scott x Nike Air Max / GOAT

Release Date: 2020

Travis Scott and Nike linked up last year to drop the "Cactus Trail 270s," in what was a pretty dope release. By now you should know that everything Travis Scott touches turns to gold, and these sneakers were no different. You can still grab a pair (both new and used) for a relatively reasonable price.

BUY NOW, $414

4. Nike Air Max 90s Kaws

Screen Shot 2021 06 16 at 1.02.28 PM
Nike Air / GOAT

Release Date: Unknown

Hard to find and hard to come buy. Kaws is something of a Nike national treasure, and is one of the most sought after Nike's of all-time. Released in 2008, the "Volts" came with the choice of either a black or white colorways, and are a reminder of a simpler time in sneaker history.

BUY NOW, $4,000 to 5,000

3. Cork x Nike Air Max

Cork and Nike Air Max
Cork x Nike Air Max / GOAT

Release: Unknown

The "Coconut Milk" were a nice variation of what we were normally used to from Air Max releases. The tropical island design instantly reminded you of one of those fancy drinks that you get on vacation, and from a visual standpoint, these were stunning. The coconut Nike swoosh were a unique touch, making this a must cop for any Nike/Air Max fan.

BUY NOW, $150

Atmost x Nike "Animal Supreme"

Nike Animal Supreme
Nike Animal Supreme / GOAT

Taking it way back to 2018, the Animal Pack was a pretty cool release that was a reflection of the times (animal prints were a staple of mid 2000s fashion). In addition to the leopard print, there was also a leopard, zebra, and tiger variation available for your choosing. The designs were inspired by Nike and Atmos' original collaboration from 2006, but modernized to fit current popular culture and styles.

BUY NOW, $401

Nike x DQM "Bacon"

bacon 1
Nike Air Max "Bacon" / GOAT

The 'Bacons' are arguably one of the most sought-after Air Maxes of all time. Bringing back the iconic 2005 design, the "Bacons" re-released this year on National Air Max Day, and were extremely hyped. It's always nice to see a retro sneaker make it's way back, and the "Bacons" were quickly snatched up.

BUY NOW, $131
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