The 20 Best Beanies For Men That Are Perfect For Any Outfit

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Polo Ralph Lauren

Beanie season is always on and with the impact of the winter months still ever-present you’re going to need something new to cover that noggin. From high-end options to budget-friendly picks there’s an endless list of toques, beanies, and winter hats to choose from. We did the hard part for you and identified the 20 best beanies for men right now. 

1. WTAPS Beanie 02

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Like so many Japanese streetwear heavyweights WTAP (double taps) stands as one of the stronger brands out right now. Their beige beanie 02 features a simple patch logo on the front with a minimalist knitted style that replaces frills for super high-quality wool.

Buy Now: $89

2. Noah x Depeche Mode Rose Beanie

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As part of the Depeche Mode “Violator” capsule collection, New York-based streetwear brand, Noah, delivered a simplistic, ribbed beanie with an embroidered rose graphic. Noah’s headwear is some of the most coveted in the game, this one comes sans Noah logo, for real fans of the brand and Depeche Mode.

Buy Now: $30

3. Arc’teryx Diplomat Toque

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 12.11.38 PM

Arc’teryx is a serious outdoors brand, you can tell by the way they use “toque” instead of “beanie.” They’re known for their jackets but this merino wool toque is a much cozier way to stay warm on the slopes.

Buy Now: $40

4. Nike SB Fisherman Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 12.13.09 PM

Nike SB’s fisherman beanie is a simple take on the ribbed silhouette that takes on a classic and timeless black and white color scheme as dependable and OG as their simple skate-inspired beanie.

Buy Now: $20

5. The North Face Logo Box Cuffed Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 12.20.53 PM
The North Face

TNF has some real fans out there and like most outdoor brands their jackets take center stage but don’t count out their logo box beanie, another simple approach to the rib-knit hat features a soft yarn construction for upgraded comfort, style, and stretch.

Buy Now: $30

6. Awake NY Old English Logo Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 12.22.49 PM
Awake NY

Awake’s another NY-based brand that should be on your “Streetwear brand to watch” list but if they’re not break out that list and add them. They’re slowly making their mark on the scene, mostly in part to their funky logo stylings, this Old English beanie is a classic Awake NY piece that features both acrylic and embroidery.

Buy Now: $42

7. Supreme Overdyed Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 12.24.20 PM

Supreme is supreme, simple as that. You love them, hate them, fill your closet with their clothes and try to turn a profit on Grailed when you grow out of it. They’re known for just about anything you can get attention for and their overdyed white beanie just POPS so hard with that small, red, bogo tag on the front. It’s from 2020 so it’s not really a collector’s item just quite yet but still one of their better offerings from that season.

Buy Now: $132

8. Only NY Alpine Games Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 12.30.29 PM
Only NY

Only NY is another heavyweight of NY’s streetwear scene holding down the “Skate Dad” aesthetic all the way from the Lower East Side’s Stanton St. (Real ones know). Their alpine games beanie is a classic gauge knit with an acrylic graphic right across the front.

Buy Now: $14

9. Stone Island Patch Logo Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 12.47.53 PM
Stone Island

Step your beanie game with heightened Italian craftsmanship and a dash of luxury. Its price point is on the higher end but this pure wool, ribbed beanie comes decked out with the brand’s compass patch logo decoration so you get it.

Buy Now: $145

10. Palace London Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 12.50.59 PM
Palace London

Take the road less traveled with your streetwear beanie and go for the IYKYK Palace London beanie. The hyped brand is a streetwear icon with its inside jokes, direct marijuana references, and all-around “cool skate punk” aesthetic. This knit headpiece comes with a plastered acrylic knit logo on the top and embroidery on the brim, reminding onlookers of Palace’s origin.

Buy Now: $72

11. Carhartt A18 Watch Hat

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.13.10 PM

We all know a guy with the orange Carhartt beanie, but don’t let some kid who just moved to Bushwick set the culture for Carhartt. Their blue-collar ethos sets the standard high for workwear and their A18 watch hat is another great example. This acrylic beanie fits snugly and features a tight-knit to keep your noggin warm whether you’re a fan of true craftsmanship or on call for the early morning construction crew.

Buy Now: $17

12. Banana Republic Donegal Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.46.42 PM
Banana Republic

The Donegal beanie takes on a humble Irish fishing village vibe with a ribbed knit and speckled green color scheme. It’s also got the low-key energy of  Banana Republic’s refusal to outwardly brand their items.

Buy Now: $37

13. Uniqlo RIbbed Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.15.29 PM

If simplicity is your game then look no further than the Uniqlo Ribbed Beanie. This soft, ribbed knit hat is perfect for just about anyone, another great example of Uniqlo’s everyman aesthetic of providing staples for everyone at prices you just won’t see anywhere else for this quality.

Buy Now: $15

14. Wolf & Badger Upcycled and Recycled Plastic Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.25.12 PM
Wolf & Badger

Although this hat contains plastic you can’t even tell, I promise. The hat features recycled plastic bottles and upcycled wool making for a comfortable and cozy blend. It’s a hat you can spend a little more on but feel good while you’re wearing it. Talk about using your head to save the environment.

Buy Now: $71

15. Patagonia Wool Pom Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.51.39 PM

Patagonia’s the must-have outerwear brand you’ve already heard of but their headwear is seriously slept on. Their Wool Pom beanie is a great example with ‘gonias environmental ethos front and center - their products contain 68% recycled material. The Wool Pom brim flips down for a longer beanie look and cuffs nicely for a smaller silhouette.

16. Lacoste Ribbed Wool Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.29.32 PM

Lacoste’s ribbed wool beanie is a cold-weather essential. Their chic and casual style comes across with their simple gray color scheme and embroidered crocodile logo that really pops in their signature green color. The hat is made from 100% wool.

Buy Now: $45

17. Burton Gringo Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.30.31 PM

Burton’s Gringo beanie is made from a snug acrylic yarn knit. Their aesthetic leans towards snowboarders but the leather logo patch on the front is a clean and stylish look for any outfit.

Buy Now: $27

18. Acne Studios Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.52.23 PM
Acne Studios

Step your game up with this designer beanie from Swedish fashion house Acne Studios. Even though you might be more inclined to go for their denim, rock the brand on your dome too with their 100% wool beanie. The simple design is a great high-end accessory and their straight-faced emblem patch on the front brings the concept to the next level.

Buy Now: $150

19. Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Bear Wool Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.52.48 PM
Polo Ralph Lauren

The Polo Bear is an icon in its own right and if you don’t own one of their iconic sweaters there’s still hope! The holiday bear is front and center on this wool beanie, a perfect accessory for the Lo-life in your life.

Buy Now: $98

20. Stussy Basic Cuff Beanie

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 1.33.24 PM

Stussy’s beanie is another great staple piece of headwear. Their acrylic cuffed beanie has a great fit and features the classic Stussy logo in white on the front.

Buy Now: $40
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