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As people figure out their TV setups for their living room, sound bars are an increasingly popular option for those that would like a great balance between sound quality and saving space. If you’re in the market for a sound bar, look no further because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sound bars on the market below.

How to pick the best sound bar for you

  • Consider space – Before buying a sound bar, figure out exactly how much space you have for one. This avoids having to awkwardly fit a sound bar in later or rearranging things entirely for one.
  • Consider active vs. passive – Active sound bars have a built-in amplifier, which means that they don’t need outside amplifiers or receivers to work correctly. There are other pros and cons to each, like passive sound bars having better raw sound quality.
  • Consider software – Some sound bars these days come with the option to have built-in features like Roku or Alexa.
  • Consider channels – Channels are like individual sound sources. Most shows have five channels; center, left, right, left rear and right rear. You can get as few as 2 channels with your sound bar or as many as 7 channels. Of course, Dolby Atmos is a newer option that some might go for if they have the capabilities (high, flat ceilings for the sound to reflect off of).

1. BESTISAN Sound Bar

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Top Pick

This sound bar from BESTISAN is a popular choice for those getting their home entertainment system together. The speakers are powerful and boast less than 1% total harmonic distortion, so the sinewaves are pure. If bass is something you want emphasis on, then this is a great choice because there are two built-in bass reflex ports which makes bass rich and powerful, without distortion. Bass is also adjustable with the remote which also allows you to adjust treble and has a memory function. DSP technology also means that depending on whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, the audio functions differently. If you want a little boost on your audio quality while watching TV for a budget, this is a good buy.


  • No distortion
  • Good bass
  • Memory function


  • Not a massive improvement on a TV with good sound
Buy now, $79.99

2. TCL Alto 6+ Sound Bar

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Great Bass

The TCL Alto 6+ markets itself as a premium option for those that want bigger, clearer sound. It does this with Dolby Digital which maximises sound quality and creates surround sound that will fill your living room. Along with the sound bar, as pictured above, comes a subwoofer. The great thing is that the subwoofer is wireless, so you can put it wherever you think is best in your room as it enriches sound with deep bass. The sound bar is wall mountable and Roku TV ready. Unfortunately, there’s no way to adjust bass or treble here, so you’re limited to the factory setting.


  • Dolby Digital
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer


  • Settings are not adjustable
Buy now, $98.99

3. Sony HT-8700

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If you have a higher budget, then this sound bar from Sony is a high-quality option from a trusted brand. Sony has a great reputation when it comes to audio and they only back it up here with their HT-G700. It has 7.1.2ch surround sound and features the new and impressive Dolby Atmos along with DT:X. The wireless subwoofer delivers powerful bass from wherever you want and the Bluetooth means that your TV can connect wireless with a 4k passthrough. Do note that this is most compatible with a Sony Bravia TV and the build quality could be a little better, with the MDF exposed.


  • 7 channels
  • Dolby Atmos
  • 4k passthrough


  • Works best with Sony TVs
  • Build quality could be better
Buy now, $498

4. SAMSUNG 5.0ch 261A S Series Sound Bar

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Next up is SAMSUNG’s 261A S Series sound bar. It can either be placed on a setup or mounted to the wall, where it stands out because of its white color which isn’t traditional for sound bars, but looks slick here regardless. The acoustic beam means the entire room should get good sound quality and when you’re watching shows or movies, the center speaker is dedicated to delivering better dialogue. Uniquely, this sound bar also has Alexa built-in, meaning that it features voice control. However it does require an Echo for some larger commands like asking about the weather. Keep in mind that there’s no indicator for volume and other frequency settings and if you’re looking for something bass-heavy, this isn’t the right option for you.


  • White color is unique
  • Acoustic beam means surround sound
  • Dialogue is loud


  • Full voice control functionality requires Echo
  • No indicator for volume
Buy now. $277.99

5. Wohome Sound Bar

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Last but not least is this ultra slim sound bar from Wohome which is very compact, sitting at just 20 inches wide and 2.9 inches high. Built-in are two powerful speakers which are full-range and boast clear audio. The Bluetooth 5.0 has a range of 30 feet which is good enough for most living rooms and the ports mean it’s compatible with most devices around. The range for the remote is unfortunately a little lacking and you have to be standing pretty close for it to work. This isn’t make or break for most though.


  • Compact speaker with big sound
  • Good Bluetooth


  • Remote is not very useful
Buy now, $74.99
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