Billionaire Boy's Club Debuts Intergalactic Space Themed Winter Capsule

It's giving 1970s Star Trek

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Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club is back with their anticipated second drop of the winter, and it’s one that is out of this galaxy.The luxury streetwear brand founded by Pharrell Williams, is launching the second drop of its Winter ‘22 collection, which is due out tomorrow, December 20th. This new BBC Winter drop highlights the concept of utility and leisure, with the first delivery exploring the intersection of ski and space, by integrating graphics of the winter sport creatively with designs inspired by outer space. 

Let’s take a closer look at this super sick collection shall we?

221110 BBC 16 010 2
Billionaire Boys Club

Key pieces from the first iteration include a full jacquard knit sweatshirt with seasonal graphics, a knit shell down jacket and a knit cardigan with an abstract starfield pattern. Now onto the second delivery. 

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Billionaire Boys Club

The second part of the BBC Winter Collection highlights a theme of survival mode. Embracing the style of utility and survival gear, BBC reimagines the digital camouflage by infusing the brand’s DNA and making it unique. Key pieces from this delivery include an oversized down jacket with a seasonal digital camo pattern, which is shown throughout the collection, as well as cargo pants, a fleece set, a seasonal Sukajan inspired jacket with space motifs, and a heavy traditional knit cardigan with zipper front in digital camo.

Here’s a few of our favorites from the drop.

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Billionaire Boys Club

The Varsity Bomber is giving us everything we need for the winter as it’s athletic, comfortable, and perfect for cool weather.

221110 BBC 07 051 2
Billionaire Boys Club

The Neon Hoodie is one that will stand out, especially at nighttime.

221110 BBC 14 019 2
Billionaire Boys Club

The T-Shirt has a unique design, and can be worn overtop a long sleeve shirt as shown on the model. 

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Billionaire Boys Club

And there's just something about this floral hoodie that is giving us 1970s Star Trek vibes.

These are just a handful of the pieces from Drop 2 of the BBC Winter Capsule. Once again, the full collection will be available on starting tomorrow.

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