A Look at the Cozy Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid Hurricane

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Bodega and Saucony are taking it all the way back to 1997. That’s right, the two brands who have been linking consistently since 2008 have partnered again for the Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid Hurricane, which launches on January 21st. Using their previous drops as inspiration, the 3D Grid Hurricane is a laid back mixture of warm and cool spring colors that makes a unique transitional shoe as we inch closer into switching seasons.

Here are the deets for the sneaks.

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Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid 1

The 3D Grid Hurricane is constructed with a suede upper that features a dark green, brown, and cream mixture. Similar to other Bodega x Saucony shoe models and collaborations, the mesh is breathable making room for comfort, and this particular sneaker has white laces that go along with it. In addition to the green, brown, and cream mixtures, the 3D Grid Hurricane shoes boast a lime green lining and tongue, along with a slightly fuzzy dark green on the tip of the sneaker. The outer part of the Saucony label is designed in brown, with the inner part of the logo featuring a gradient purple. 

Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid 4

The shoe’s outsole is orange with a hint of blue, and the outsole has a green color with lime yellow stripes. The backstory behind this latest collaboration is an interesting tale as usual. Stepping on to the scene in 1997, the 3D Grid Hurricane is a silhouette that captured the aesthetic of the time while building inroads for the future. With its chunky upper and midsole balanced out by a smooth finish, the interlocking layers are perfect to experiment with.

Additionally, there's  more than 9 materials throughout the design, which is a textural smorgasbord combining elements like a custom raised velour grid, heavily textured tongue, 3M reflective heel, and woven side panels that mimic hits of carbon fiber. The pictures above give you a full preview of the shoe, and below are a couple more pictures from a couple more angles.

Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid 5
Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid 3
Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid 8
Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid 10

As we mentioned earlier the Bodega x Saucony 3D Grid Hurricane is set to make its official debut this Saturday January 21st at exactly 12 pm EST and will be available to shop exclusively at In the meantime, be sure to keep up with us for more style content and updates.

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