Bodega and Suicoke Link on Kaw "One of One" Sandal

The kicks were designed with remixing and customization in mind.

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In Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is the concept of finding the beauty in imperfection, and even in the degradation or deterioration of objects. Within fashion, it's become a major part of many people's ethos surrounding their relationship with their most coveted possessions. Whether it be denim, leather or any myriad of materials, there is such an immense amount of beauty to be found in the cracks, the faults, the imperfect. This idea is embodied by the latest collab between Bodega and Suicoke, a sandal deemed the Kaw "One of One". Although there will be numerous pairs circulating, the idea is that—through wear—every person is concocting their own one-of-one iteration of the sandal.

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The Bodega team gave us some insight into the development behind the interesting collaboration:

With the Suicoke X Bodega Kaw "One of One" we created a casual sandal that will only get better with age. Challenging the idea that footwear should be as crisp and unworn as possible, the Bodega Kaw's use of denim invites hard wear and customization. From the fading and distressing that will occur naturally over time to the DIY embellishments you can't wait to add to the upper, the sandal becomes more apart of you every time you strap them on. Not only does this add another dimension when wearing them, it's a reminder that the clothing you choose to wear and how you wear it represents you as a person and hold the potential to tell your individual story. This is why we are so excited for the collaborative Kaw - not just because of how it looks hot of the presses - but because of how each person will make them a true 'one of one'.

As part of the promotion for the kicks, Bodega enlisted a roster of creatives and designers in their network to put a spin on the pair of shoes. The sandals are a canvas and people can create whatever piece of art they want to see.

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"Adrienne, a textile artist part of Textile General Store chose to cover the upper in decorative Sashiko style stitching and a showcase of wool knit weaves, expressing her love of repairs, sewing, and texture. Tim, the designer behind u*b*U* online went the button route draping his pair in a smattering of ornate buttons and long thread tails which perfectly displays his eye for eye popping design. Julia is a professional artist who saw the design as an actual canvas and painted the upper and outsole in her distinctive color-charged abstract style while actually housing a few painting essentials like brushes and a tube of paint between the straps. Dan of Holy Grail Vintage and Fragile State Market let his vintage roots shine through with an assortment of vintage pins proudly displayed and a distressed treatment which gives some insight into the potential aging of the sandals," reads Bodega's blog about the project.

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The Suicoke x Bodega Kaw One of One will be available online at 12pm EST and in-store at both our Boston and Los Angeles locations on a first come, first served basis this Friday, September 2nd.

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