This Rising Breakdancer Will Only Move in These Sneakers

Originally from the Bay Area and currently a resident of Venice Beach, California, David Schreibman is better known by his nickname, Kid David. His Instagram account, which has attracted an impressive 133,000 followers and counting, showcases his killer dance moves and equally exciting style.

Schreibman has got major moves. To make the dynamic feats happen, he’ll wear only three sneaker styles. Here, ONE37pm talks to Kid David about his personal style and his favorite footwear.

When did you start dancing?

David Shreibman: I have been dancing since I could walk, but specifically, started break dancing in 1999.

Do you have any formal training?

Shreibman: I was self-taught in the beginning, but then my mom found a guy named Miles, who remains a friend to this day, who was teaching a breaking class at a dance studio.

Is your style dictated by your need to move?

Shreibman: I think my style is dictated by all of the influences I have had my entire life. I grew up as a little skater influenced by punk and ska—things my brother put me on to. Hip-hop came later, and then my discovery of deejaying and breaking. Now, being a surfer, I like to think I have gotten the best influences in the world. But yes, movement and physicality have been at the core of it all. I’ve always been a mover.

How do you define “good style”?

Shreibman: I think good style is anyone who can put their own personal twist on something and not give a fuck what people think about it. Whether it’s dance, fashion, surfing or lifestyle, stylish people can wear and do anything if they are confident in who they are.

What item of clothing in your closet means the most to you?

Shreibman: That’s a hard one, but I have a vintage Harley-Davidson shirt from the ’70s from Israel that my dad gave me. I would kill someone for it.

What sneakers do you most enjoy wearing while you dance?

Shreibman: There are only three sneakers I wear: Chucks, Vans or Adidas Gazelles. Other than that, Dr. Martens.

How do you take your coffee?

Shreibman: Americano. Black.

What do you consider your greatest failure to date? What did it teach you?

Shreibman: I would say my greatest failure has been impatience over the years. I was always in such a rush to succeed or try to succeed. It never pays off to rush. I think working on and improving my patience has helped on so many levels. From the smallest things to the biggest projects, it always pays to take your time and love every moment. Trust the process.  

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