Fearless Influencer Chris Lavish Makes 19 Fashion Predictions for 2019

Ski goggles will be the new sunglasses

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Chris Lavish is covered head-to-toe in tattoos when he rolls up to MatchaBar a few blocks from our respective homes. His bleached hair is tightly braided in two neat rows, revealing skull and neck ink. A Getty Image search of his name brings up 470 photos, and his memorable interview with The Cut earlier this year went insanely viral. (Choice quote: "It’s very invasive for somebody to look at you straight in the eye. Like, who let you into my eyes? Who let you in there?") His entire outfit is sponsored, from socks to shoes to pants to jacket. Even his acupuncture and matcha come at no cost.

"Hold on a sec, I gotta send this girl a photo for a flyer and it's gotta go up [on Instagram] ASAP,"  Lavish says, scrolling frantically through this Photos app on his iPhone.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, the 25-year-old media maverick has been collaborating with fashion brands for the better part of two years through his social media platforms and his website, Fashion Week Online. A typical day for @nyclavish starts at the gym to get his mind right ("The gym is for my mind, not for my body, by the way," he says, matter-of-factly), and then moves to MatchaBar, followed by meetings and photo shoots.

"I have enough photo content to last until 2021," Lavish boasts. And there is always some conference calls with photographers to plan next week's shoots. His phone is loaded with 140 contacts that include the "photographer." "I'm on Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and I'm gonna have my assistant start rebranding my Pinterest." 

This year, Lavish had style in spades. And next year will be no different. Forever the pusher of fashion's envelope, we picked this pioneer's brain for the hottest (and craziest) trends that 2019 has up its sleeve. "2019's first quarter will be way different than the second quarter," Lavish puzzles as we start to talk about next year's trends. "But I have a few ideas. The only thing about going mainstream is that you can go full gutter real quick." 

1. Victorian-Inspired Streetwear

"I'm thinking Victorian street style. Ruffles, high collars. During Copenhagen Fashion Week, I got a sneak preview. I'm going to start incorporating it into my wardrobe soon, which will eventually seep into other people's wardrobes."

2. Big Jewelry

"Big jewelry and accessories," he says as he thumbs gigantic, metal "C" and "L" rings on his left hand. They're by designer Jill Herlands, and they occupy the entire wingspan of his fingers. "Go big, or go home."

3. Forest Green Hues

"Green. Dark, forest, hunter green. Neon is over."

4. Vegan Leather

"Vegan lines. Vegan food, shoes, jackets. But, if things are vegan, they're not really eco-friendly. So you gotta pick one."

5. Natural Hair

"Forward, model-curly hair is in. Slicked-back hair is done. Well-kept but still natural. I shot for Revlon last month, and they were doing it to the models. Early '90s."

6. Peacoats and Puffers

"For jackets, I'm thinking elaborate peacoats. Or, heat-tech, insulated puffers. Big ones. Ones that come with a double layer. People are going practical for winter now. If it's Fashion Week, I'll freeze my ass off, but on a normal day, I gotta be warm."

7. Peloton Cycling

"Cycling is back. Peloton is taking over. People are back to cardio."

8. Healthy Choices

Lavish says, "Health and wellness is a life-long thing. Fashion fades, but your health is forever." He predicts the further explosion of matcha, CBD and quick-serve salad restaurants like Sweetgreen. "A couple CBD companies are starting to hit me up, so now I gotta do my research. I know shit about CBD."

9. Mars

"Intergalactic. Chris Lavish x Space X is the next collab. Space is trending. All we talk about is going to Mars, and meanwhile, some people won't even leave Soho."

10. Ponchos

"My poncho is from Burning Man. And people are like, "Where did you get that poncho?" And I'm like, "You had to go to Burning Man to get it."

11. Sock Shoes

"You take the sole off these and they turn into slipper when you're in your house," he says, pointing to his feet. "They're super comfortable, practical and stylish. People are working so hard, so they need to be comfortable. These are called Muvez."

12. Wide Pants

"Wide pants are coming back. We're only going wider from here on in. MC Hammer pants. Back to 1989. As long as you don't get wide like your pants, you'll be alright."

13. Huge, Statement Watches

"Watches are going through a huge rebrand. Look out for the upcoming watch war. Hermes collabed with Apple in order to stay in the game. If they're doing that, then everyone else has to step it up. AP and Rolex were mentioned by famous rappers, so the other brands have to scavage for influencers."

14. Mixing Fragrances

"I've been investigating independent and established colognes. And I mix them. I don't care how I look; it's how I smell. I mix Creed with Kilijan. Instead of mix-and-matching clothes, I mix and match scents."

15. Unstructured Jackets

"Timeless, unstructured jackets. I'll personally be wearing them more in 2019. What year do you think this photo is from? You don't see this on the streets."

16. LinkedIn

"My LinkedIn is crazy right now. Who else has 1,600 connections on LinkedIn?" Lavish says, sipping matcha and fiddling with his giant necklace. "Gary Vaynerchuck actually added me two weeks ago. I've got big people on my LinkedIn. LinkedIn is going mainstream viral." 

17. Comic Book Characters

"The Mickey Mouse collabs are everywhere. Who is doing PR for Disney? I need them. Animations, DC Comic collabs are coming."

18. Ski Goggles

"Ski Goggles instead of sunglasses. Everything."

19. Virtual Reality

"Oculus VR. Keep an eye out. It's gonna be huge." 

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