Sneaker Brand CROSTY is on a Mission to Inspire Freedom

We caught up with founders Shota and George ahead of the brand's US launch

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CROSTY, the brand beloved by celebrities such as Sofia Richie, Stephen Curry, Lilly Singh, and D’Angelo Russel, has made its way to the United Stated. Founded by Georgian-born brothers Shota and George Mikaia, the fan-favorite designer sneaker brand has just launched their US ecommerce storefront with a special new sneaker to celebrate. The Onda sneaker collection, CROSTY's first drop, features eleven different signature styles and colorways, honing in on a "little nostalgic, little sporty, and a lot of cool" design with bold colors and a sleek approach. Although the brand has now officially launched in the US, they are still keeping their materials sourced from the finest leather suppliers in Italy, and staying true to their Georgian Roots.

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Starting with a limited number of pairs available, this launch will be one to get your hands on soon before it sells out in the US market. Ahead of the launch, we spoke with Shota and George about the brand, their Georgian roots having an influence on their designs, and more. Check out the interview below.

Shota George

ONE37pm: Well this is exciting! Can we start by having you two introduce yourselves and the brand?

George: My brother Shota and I are business partners. We are also the proud founders of the designer sneaker brand, CROSTY. Our journey began in 2015 in our homeland Georgia, specifically in the
war-torn region of Abkhazia, which to this day remains under Russian occupation. Since we were children, we dreamed of creating a product that would not only carry a powerful message, but would also share authentic stories of our values and our quest for freedom as refugees in our own country. CROSTY is more than just a brand. It's a representation of our hopes and aspirations, a voice that reaches out to the world and inspires individuals to embrace their freedom.

ONE37pm: What is the core element of CROSTY? The ethos, so to speak?

Shota: CROSTY is a designer sneaker brand that masterfully weaves the profound ethos of freedom into its very essence. With our minimalistic yet captivating designs, we aim to embody the spirit of liberation, empowering individuals to embrace their unique identities wholeheartedly. Our core mission is to INSPIRE FREEDOM, which drives us to create thoughtfully curated collections that each reveal unique facets of freedom.

The ONDA collection, for example, is inspired by the majesty of landscapes, mountain reliefs, and snowboarding trails; while our DRO ("time" in Georgian) runner collection, emphasizes the preciousness of
time and urges people to seize each moment and relentlessly pursue freedom. Ultimately, our vision is to create and inspire through diverse, bold messages and actions that stay true to the DNA of our brand.

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ONE37pm: How has Georgia inspired your work as a whole?

George: CROSTY's values and designs are deeply rooted in the captivating beauty of Georgia's rich history and culture. Through the lens of our personal experiences with war and occupation, we cherish and celebrate our heritage by incorporating its elements into our creations. Every design features the unique Georgian script for "Freedom," a word that originates from the combination of "myself" and "lord," symbolizing our innate power to shape our own destiny. This artistic Georgian font, created in Rome in 1626 for an Italian-Georgian dictionary, has been thoughtfully redesigned to capture its historical essence.

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With every step we take on our journey, we keep our Georgian heritage at the forefront of our minds, ensuring our roots are a guiding force in our progress. When opening our first concept store in Tbilisi, we chose a date that held great significance - 1918. This date commemorates Georgia's declaration of independence as a democratic republic. This decision reflects our unwavering commitment to freedom, the cornerstone of our brand and the driving force behind our vision.

Our Tbilisi store is both part art exhibition and part shopping experience, celebrating Georgian talent and creativity. Housed in a historic wine factory from 1896, the space is divided into two distinct areas. On one side, our eclectic range of footwear embodies our values of freedom, creativity, and progressive ethos. The CROSTY ART SPACE, on the other hand, showcases works from local young and established Georgian artists, giving them a space in the heart of the city. Each day presents us with the chance to discover and engage with new, talented local artists who resonate with our values and fuel our inspiration through their creations.

Additionally, this versatile space enables us to host social events that bring together artists and the vibrant community surrounding our brand, thus fostering an atmosphere of creativity, freedom, and collaboration among free-spirited individuals.

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ONE37pm: Tell us more about this US launch? What can we expect?

Shota: Our US launch of CROSTY marks a thrilling new chapter for the brand, as we bring our passion for freedom and creativity to the American market. Crafted in Italy by top-tier manufacturers using only the finest materials, customers in the US can expect to discover CROSTY’s signature style. With a harmonious blend of meaningful concepts, contemporary designs, and modern silhouettes, our creations are sure to leave a lasting impression.

At CROSTY our mission goes beyond producing exquisite footwear, CROSTY's mission is to build a global community united by a shared commitment to inspire freedom. The much-anticipated ONDA sneaker collection (meaning "wave" in Italian) serves as a beacon for like-minded individuals who appreciate the power of self-expression, individuality, and freedom, while also embodying the brand's core values.

As CROSTY embarks on this exciting journey, we invite customers to join us in celebrating the spirit of liberation and creativity that defines our brand. Let's make waves and inspire freedom across the world

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ONE37pm: What's next?

George: As we continue on our journey, our unwavering dedication to innovation and improvement fuels our drive to explore new concepts and designs. We're always experimenting with new concepts and
designs, and we're committed to staying at the forefront of sustainable fashion in the future. As CROSTY grows and reaches new heights, our ultimate aspiration remains steadfast: to inspire people around the
world to rise up and fight for their freedom.

With our sights set on the US market, CROSTY is eager to introduce all of our collections to American audiences soon. And we are excited to announce plans to open our next concept store in Los Angeles,
further solidifying our presence and extending our reach. Come along with us on this thrilling new journey as we persist in our mission to spark the spirit of freedom around the world.

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You can continue to keep up with all things CROSTY via their official website.

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