Discord Drops New Sneaker Collab with Collegium

The giveaway will be available on the 28th

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We’ve got some exciting news in the Discord community. The talk, text and communications service on a mission for everyone to find belonging, recently teamed up with premium sneaker brand, Collegium, for its first-ever sneaker drop. A very limited number of pairs will be available to consumers via an exclusive giveaway on Collegium’s Discord server on Friday, January 28.

Discord x Collegium / Discord

The sneaker is classic and sleek design made in Italy, the shoe features mixed hues of Discord’s iconic Blurple and grey, and is inspired by Discord’s beloved Wumpus character, the purple shade of its fur is pulled through in the quarter panel, while its green leaf is highlighted within the sneaker’s heel. An embossed Wumpus logo can also be found in the heel counter and the company’s new tagline, “Imagine a Place” is inscribed within the vibrant insole alongside both Wumpus and Clyde, Discord’s popular mascot.

We spoke to Music Lead at Discord Eric Barnett to discuss this exciting collaboration.

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ONE37pm: This is such a unique collaboration. How did this come to fruition?

Barnett: Discord has become a home base on the internet where sneakerheads from around the globe can form communities and bond with each other over their shared passions. When we first connected with the Collegium team, we knew we had to do something with them immediately following our first chat. After seeing so many similarities in our mission, ethos, and community-first approach, we honestly couldn’t resist taking this internal project and creating a moment to give back to the community. As you said, this is a pretty unique collaboration and opportunity to bring this digital home base into the real world.

ONE37pm: What went into the creation of this sneaker in terms of the overall design concept?

Barnett: There were many late-night design sessions over several months and the final product is a super premium Destroyer I High - one of Collegium’s signature silhouettes with a Discord spin. The materials and colorways were painstakingly chosen with Nick’s amazing eye for quality and inspired by our beloved Wumpus character.

The purple quarter panel is based on the tufts of its fur, while the green leaf on its head is highlighted in the back heel tab. Some finer details you can see are an embossed Wumpus logo on one of the back heels, a bright contrasting yellow insole with our Clyde logo, and tagline “Imagine a Place”, as well as some others we hope you find.

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Discord x Collegium / Discord

ONE37pm: A very limited number of pairs will be available to consumers via an exclusive giveaway on Collegium’s Discord server on January 28th. Could you share more about that?

Barnett: Absolutely. In partnership with Collegium, we’ll be giving a limited number of pairs directly to the fans in Collegium’s Discord server. The giveaway opens on January 24 at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST and will close on January 28 at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST. More details on how to enter can be found in the server’s Giveaway channel, so if you haven’t made an account yet, now is a perfect time.

ONE37pm: What makes this shoe different from other sneakers on the market?

Barnett: Honestly, the care and attention we gave to this shoe, the process, and our goal is what makes this different. Collegium is already known for its insane level of quality when it comes to its brand, but really, we wanted this shoe to be our love letter to sneakerheads and their Discord communities. We hope the attention to detail we put into every level of this pair shines through – from the thoughtful material and color selections to the subtle hits for each brand.

We wanted this to be a shoe you’d actually want to wear and easily style no matter what your wardrobe is like. We genuinely hope that the community loves these as much as we do, maybe they’ll let us do more together in the future!

ONE37pm: Anything else cool Discord is working on that you can tell us about?

Barnett: As a brand, we’re always looking ahead to see what more we can do to create space for folks to find places where they feel they belong. From the ways that we build Discord as a service, to how we run our business and show up in the world as a brand. Right now we’re really just excited to share this collab and hope you join us in the Collegium server to chat with other like-minded sneakerheads and make some friends.

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