5 Young Brands Making Swim Trunks Out of Water Bottles

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Greenline Board Shorts/Facebook

In 2018, if your swim trunks aren't eco-friendly, you're doing summer wrong. Polyester is one of the easiest materials to replicate using recycled materials (it's essentially plastic) and plenty of young, modern brands offer eco trunks that look just as sharp as "virgin" polyester options, which are made from scratch using petroleum.

Fair Harbor, Hommes Oil Company, Outerknown, Greenlines and Faherty Brand are just a few of the young brands making eco-friendly trunks these days. OG outdoor supplier Patagonia also produces sustainable swimwear. Many of these brands donate a percentage of proceeds to environmental causes or are involved with conservation efforts through events and other channels.

The sweet bonus? All of these brands offer trunks for under $150, and most are under $75.

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