#Face2FaceTime with Daniel Patrick

The streetwear designer on just how important Instagram is to fashion

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Daniel Patrick Clothing/Facebook

#Face2FaceTime is a series in which ONE37pm calls the do-ers, the hustlers and the icons from the worlds of business, culture, music, sports and style. Who should we dial next?

For our latest edition of #Face2FaceTime we talked to LA streetwear designer Daniel Patrick about how he grew his business from the ground up—and what it takes to stay at the top once every guy in the NBA is wearing your stuff.

Patrick grew up in Australia and, in 2006, gave up an opportunity to play professional rugby in France in order to follow his passion of designing clothes. He moved to America, enrolled in fashion school, and worked jobs in retail and warehousing while ​he built up his knowledge and skills of the industry. In 2011​,​ he ​started his ​own ​brand, producing the majority of his clothing in LA and his sneakers in Italy. The designer cites Instagram as one of the main vehicles for his success.

For more of our interview with Daniel Patrick, visit our YouTube channel.

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