#Face2FaceTime with Ilaria Urbinati

Think Donald Glover looks dope? Thank Ilaria.

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#Face2FaceTime is a series in which ONE37pm calls the do-ers, the hustlers and the icons from the worlds of business, culture, music, sports and style. Who should we dial next?

We got a little #Face2FaceTime with celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati to talk about collaborating with Donald Glover on a series of '70s-inspired looks for the Solo: A Star Wars Story press tour. Think: pointy boots, visible chest hair, the whole nine yards.

Urbinati also styles Ryan Reynolds, The Rock, Tom Hiddleston, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck and a slew of other well-known actors. She's known for her use of color, attention to fit, and letting her clients be themselves.

"The first thing I say in a fitting with a new client is, like, 'I don't get offended. I didn't design the clothes. If you don't like it, just tell me, and we'll move on.' but I do have a rule that my clients have to try things on. I don't make them wear anything they don't want to wear, but they at least have to try it on.

To watch more of our interview with Ilaria Urbinat, visit our YouTube channel.

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