There’s a Fashion Brand Called Steve Jobs

Apple never copyrighted his name

stevejobs mobilehero
Steve Jobs / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Steve Jobs might have been known for always rocking jeans and a black turtleneck, but the similarly–named Italian clothing company Steve Jobs has nothing to do with the late Apple genius—except his name.

According to Verge Magazine, the brothers behind the fashion brand chose the name in 2012 simply because they realized that Apple had never copyrighted the name Steve Jobs. So they named their company that, complete with a logo that even featured the iconic apple leaf. Apple, naturally, was not happy, filing a motion against the company in the European Union Intellectual Property Office. In the end, Apple lost the case—the court ruled that the name was totally legal and shot down Apple's motion.

Our suggestion though? Don't wear Steve Jobs brand clothes to your job interview with Apple; they might not be over it.

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